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Boosting Your Acura Dealer SEO With Google Maps

There are numerous strategies you can implement to boost your Acura Dealer SEO strategy. Some of these strategies are outlined in the following paragraphs. Dynamic content, Structured data, and Retargeting are among them. Your Google My Business listing is a great resource for promoting your business and generating positive reviews. Google Maps listing should be a key component of your website SEO. Besides Google Maps, you can also create a blog and promote your model landing pages.

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Structured data

Adding structured data to your website will help your Acura dealership increase its visibility in search engines. This is done through schema markup, a labeling system used by Google to understand your website's content. By doing this, your website can improve its search engine results and improve its user experience. Here's how to get started. You can download a structured data tool for free. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of structured data.

Structured data is information that is not visible to humans but visible to search engines. Unlike regular content, structured data lets Google understand the context of your site and its content. This is an advantage for your dealership in search results, as they will display the information on their special displays. But how do you get started with structured data? Here are some tips:

Make sure to use schema markup for your site. Google uses this data to determine how to display your website in SERPs. For example, it shows hours of operation, payment methods accepted, and other information. In addition, you can use OrderAction and ReservationAction markups to display reviews from your website. In addition, you can use Review markup to display product reviews in the SERPs. Make sure that your markup complies with Google's guidelines and that your markup is correct before publishing it.

Using schema markup for your Acura dealer website can help you increase your visibility in search engines. Using structured data for your website can increase your online visibility, which in turn will lead to more targeted traffic, test drives, and sales. Adtaxi reports that 86 percent of car shoppers begin their research on the internet before visiting a dealership. Using structured data will help your website achieve this goal. This can also help your website rank higher in search engines.

Dynamic content

One way to maximize your SEO for Acura dealerships is to create dynamic content. A website for a car dealership typically has hundreds of pages highlighting its different models, features, and pictures. However, there is a big problem with that content: duplicate content doesn't rank well in search engines. Instead, it will end up in the trash or not being indexed at all. Instead of implementing static content, you should use dynamic content and expand your blog. This will help you increase your SEO for local keywords.


Retargeting is a great way to increase awareness of your brand. It's particularly useful if you're a brand new dealership or are promoting a particular aspect of your business. Video ads allow you to reach a large audience of users while promoting deals, promotions, and brand promises. Facebook also offers a variety of targeting options, but the three most effective for auto dealers are the "Custom Audience" option and the "Remarketing Audience" option.

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Retargeting is also helpful if you're targeting potential car buyers. If you advertise to car shoppers who may be on their way to make a purchase, it is likely that they'll visit your dealership again. Since these people might not make a decision on their first visit, displaying relevant ads to them on other websites can help shorten the sales cycle and increase conversions. Retargeting campaigns target specific audiences and are typically less expensive than generating new leads.

While it's not an exact science, retargeting is a proven SEO strategy that can increase your brand visibility. ActivEngage's platform makes Facebook a one-stop shop for dealership marketing, including inventory optimization. In addition to Facebook optimization, the platform lets you list your vehicles on Marketplace. Using ActivEngage, you can communicate with leads and boost sales. Conquesting is another popular automotive SEO strategy, and it involves purchasing the rights to competitor's title tags, keywords, and other online assets.

Facebook is a powerful retargeting platform. The world's largest social network has nearly two billion monthly users. This means that if you advertise on Facebook, you're likely to catch an audience that's already interested in your brand. Facebook's robust targeting options will ensure that you're capturing the lowest-funnel car shoppers and maximizing ROI. Retargeting will generate more leads for your dealership in 2022.

Google Maps listing

The first step in optimizing your listing is to claim it. Inaccurate listings will drive away potential clients and car shoppers. To ensure your listing is as accurate as possible, claim each listing in Google. Aside from the basic information, you should also include photos and videos to enhance your listing. This will boost your listings' SEO and SERPS rankings. Here are some additional tips for optimizing your Acura Dealer SEO for Google Maps listing:

First of all, claim your listings on all the major search engines. Start by going to Google and typing in your business name. Make sure to look for the "Google Maps" and "Knowledge Graph" sections. Once you've found your listings, go to Google's help center to claim them. Often, this process involves a telephone call or postcard from Google. After verifying the listings, enter your dealership's contact information.

Next, take advantage of local search marketing. By using search engine optimization techniques, you can increase the number of appointments your Acura dealership receives. Using social media to promote sales and new models, local SEO can help increase sales. Almost 85% of smartphone users make a local search on their smartphone and visit your business the same day. The power of search engine optimization in the car dealership industry can be felt in every aspect of your business, from booking more appointments to showcasing your new models.