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How to Boost Your Aerial Photographer SEO

Aerial photography is a growing and popular field, but how do you get your photography website noticed? One of the first steps is to think about your keywords and make them relevant to your niche and industry. To do this, you need to consider your location, products, and services and then create a list of keywords. The goal is to have around ten or fifteen keywords, ideally. You can use these keywords in your website content to boost your SEO efforts.

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Linking to other websites

You've likely heard that internal linking is the most powerful search engine optimization technique. It's true: internal linking is one of the most powerful ways to optimize your website for search engines. But, there are some important factors that you should consider before linking to other websites. First of all, you must find out what people search for when they type in a keyword. If your website is not yet optimized for this search term, you can improve your SEO by including an H1 tag at the top of your website's content. And you should also use internal links to make it easier for search engines to understand what you have to offer.

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Another way to boost your SEO is to link to other websites that are relevant to your field. By linking to other websites, you can make sure that your website is ranked higher in search results. You can do this by linking to websites run by your peers. This way, you can strengthen your relationships with your peers while gaining high-quality links. But make sure that you choose the right sites for linking. Keep in mind that low-authority websites may not provide much benefit, but it will increase your visibility in search results.

Quality of content

Using aerial photography as part of your online marketing strategy will help you to increase your exposure and generate leads. Unlike standard photographs, aerial photography will produce videos and images that can arouse curiosity in potential customers. In addition, it will boost your SEO position because video footage is considered rich content by search engines. If you want to learn more about how to create quality videos and images for your website and social media profiles, contact Giant's specialist drone photographer. He is fully insured and CAA approved. He will be able to give you expert advice and guidance in order to help you achieve your online goals.

Mobile optimisation

The mobile optimisation of your website is crucial for your business, especially if you're a photographer. Many photography websites are image-heavy and therefore, should be easy to navigate, especially if users are using smartphones. Google also looks at mobile versions of websites when ranking them, so it's important to consider this when developing your website. You can use a plugin called Wix to optimise your aerial photographer website for mobile.

Google Analytics

You've probably heard of Google Analytics. What's it all about? It's a tool that shows you traffic metrics and basic analytical tools for your website. It's free and open to everyone with a Google account. There are some great features in Google Analytics that are especially helpful for aerial photographers. Keep reading to learn more! Here are a few of them. You should use them to boost your SEO. Hopefully you'll see results soon!

First, use the Google Analytics feature to track your website's keyword traffic. While your photography website is likely to focus more on images, you can use keyword data to understand which phrases work best. Keeping an eye on keyword traffic will help you focus your SEO efforts accordingly. For example, if you sell planes, you'll want to target those searches that are specific to your area of expertise. Google Analytics will show you how many times your site has been searched for specific phrases, allowing you to determine your keywords and focus your SEO efforts accordingly.