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In addition to being convenient, Alternative fueling stations are also eco-friendly and cost-effective. The United States and Canada have numerous stations across the country that allow drivers to save money on gas and fuel. With such an array of fuel options and convenient locations, it is no wonder that more people are choosing to use alternative fuel. If you're looking for an alternative fuel station near you, here are some tips to help you get started:

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Alternative fueling stations are convenient

Driving a hybrid or electric car? If so, you've probably wondered if there are alternative fueling stations near you. The answer is yes. Alternative fueling stations are becoming a popular option for many people, and there are more being built every day. Whether you drive a hybrid or electric car, or simply want to save money on gas, these stations make driving green easy. Some even offer free, fast charging to help you keep up with your electric car's energy demands.

In addition to helping people live healthier, more environmentally friendly lives, alternative fuel vehicles are also helping national security, economic development, and fuel diversity. Among the most important elements of AFV convenience is reliable access to fueling stations. While there are many benefits of AFVs, drivers are typically concerned about range. Increasing access to alternative fueling stations will help reduce range anxiety and open the door to a wider market for AFVs.

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They are located throughout the United States and Canada

Fortunately, alternative fueling stations are located in many cities and regions across the United States and Canada. If you're looking for one near you, a quick online search will yield many results. This site maps out the locations of over 30,000 alternative fueling stations across North America, by state and by fuel type. You can also search by location to see where you can find the nearest station to you.

Currently, there are only 45 LNG fueling stations in the United States, although several major fuel retailers have announced plans to build more. For example, Clean Energy is building America's Natural Gas Highway, which will include 150 LNG stations at Pilot/Flying J truck stops. Shell and Travel Centers of America are adding 200 LNG fueling lanes to their truck stops. Blu LNG, Encana, and Kwik Trip are also developing LNG stations throughout the United States.

A partnership between Natural Resources Canada and NREL has created an alternative fueling station locator to help drivers locate these stations. The tool was developed to build on momentum gained by Natural Resources Canada's Station Locator and National Renewable Energy Laboratory's Alternative Fueling Station Locator. By combining data from the two countries, it has become the most reliable alternative fuel station locator in North America. The tool's interactive maps make it easy to find stations and compare fuel prices.

They are environmentally friendly

In an effort to reduce the use of petroleum, the government is trying to encourage more green transportation by investing in alternative fuels such as biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from by-products of agriculture feedstocks. However, it is not carbon neutral and must be blended with fossil fuels to be used in vehicles. Offering biofuel is a good first step, but is not enough to prepare the fuel retailer for a future where vehicles run on alternative fuels.

The amount of GHGs released from vehicles that use alternative fuels varies, but operating an electric or hydrogen vehicle solely on electricity or hydrogen creates no harmful greenhouse gases. Depending on the fuel source used, electricity generated from coal creates more emissions than renewable energy. DOE's Alternative Fuels Data Center offers a wealth of information about the fuels available for cars and trucks. By using them, you can reduce your car's emissions and increase its fuel economy.