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Angler Fish Restaurant is a sea-life focused seafood restaurant

If you're looking for a unique dining experience in San Francisco, consider the newest addition to the city's culinary scene - Angler. This sea-life focused seafood restaurant, opened by Michelin-starred chef Joshua Skenes, features wood-fire cooking and raw plates of seafood. And you can even buy shellfish by the pound, still swimming in their aquarium tanks.

The restaurant's menu is rooted in its purchasing ethic, and its rustic interior and hearth fire will give it a cozy, homey feel. The restaurant's menu features seasonal ingredients sourced from local waters and game meats from the Skenes family's ranch. The menu also includes an elemental raw bar section and six main courses, including smoked trout and scorpion fish. Other dishes include hot grilled rabbit, scorpion fish, and antelope tartare.

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The restaurant's second location opens June 19 in Los Angeles. It is visually striking and feels darker than its original location. The menu highlights fish, vegetables, and meats prepared with the freshest ingredients. Both locations offer takeout service, which is particularly helpful during an outbreak. There are no reservations for Angler's Los Angeles location, and the restaurant is currently considering a third location to accommodate all of the diners.

A seafood-focused restaurant with a refined ambiance, Angler Fish Restaurant offers a variety of fresh seafood sourced from California. The menu is a fusion of Asian cuisine, including extensive sushi rolls and sashimi. The menu is divided into four sections: "The Daily Catch," "Always a Must Try," and "The Daily Specials" (a rotating selection of dishes influenced by local sea life).

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