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Animal Shelter SEO - 3 Ways to Increase Your Organic Traffic

To increase visibility and drive traffic to your animal shelter, you must first understand how Google works. When a user types in a localized search, Google will highlight nonprofits in your area. Here are some ways to test localized searches for your animal shelter website. Search for "restaurants" to see if you get the same results. Similarly, if a user searches for "animal shelters," Google will show you a map of nearby animal shelters, as well as web page listings for local animal shelters. Other features of localized search results include top news articles, recent questions, and photos of animals at your shelter.

Online resources

Getting online visibility is crucial to a successful animal shelter marketing strategy, and there are many ways to do this. Using expert websites and content hubs can increase your organic traffic by offering a knowledge bank for visitors. These content hubs can also include information on a wide range of relevant topics, attracting a wider audience online. Here are three ways to use these resources:

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Informational hubs

If you're looking for ways to increase your organic traffic, informational hubs are the way to go. Informational hubs can increase organic search traffic, build overall relevance for your site, and increase awareness of your organisation. Many animal welfare organizations use informational hubs as a key component of their overall service offering. These pages group related information into categories, such as animal care or pet health topics. By strategically grouping this information, you can maximize organic search traffic for your website.

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To begin creating an informational hub, choose a topic or theme you would like to focus on. A good topic is one that relates to your niche. When building a hub, remember to use relevant keywords, as well as high-quality content. This will help the search engines index your page and boost its SEO. By adding links to your main site, you can also make Google aware of the focus of your site.

Large images

One of the most overlooked aspects of animal shelter SEO is large images. This tactic has a few key benefits. It will improve your page speed and accessibility, as well as give you more prominence in Google Discover. However, be careful about using logos and stock images, as these could attract costly lawsuits. Listed below are some tips on optimizing large images for animal shelter SEO. Read on to find out how. This strategy is effective for animal shelters of all sizes.

Specific search terms

In order to rank well in search engine results, your website needs to have specific search terms that are relevant to your business. For example, if you run an animal shelter, you may want to target local humane societies. You may use specific keywords to attract new potential clients. You should be very careful when selecting these keywords, because too many of them may result in keyword stuffing, which can hurt your rankings. The first step is to optimize your site title, which is the title that appears in Google when someone performs a search. This title should be about 70 characters long.

Google Trends

Using Google Trends to optimize your website can be invaluable for a variety of reasons, from better targeting to identifying keywords that are in demand. The search data on the related search queries table shows the terms that are most in demand. In addition, the percentage value next to the related topics shows the increase in interest for the topics. In the example below, we see the term "breakout" jump by over 5000%.

You can also use Google Trends to determine which keywords are driving traffic to your website. By determining which keywords are bringing the most traffic, you can seed new content that addresses those popular search terms. The keyword suggestions feature will help you create content that appeals to a diverse range of audiences. In addition, the information available on Google Trends can help you choose new keywords that are not yet competing with others. If you find a term that isn't receiving as many results, you can modify the phrasing of your content to attract more visitors.

Once you have a list of keywords, you can start writing content. Google Trends is especially useful for organizations that operate during busy seasons. You can tailor your content to these busy periods. The information that you gather can also guide your keyword selection. You can also restrict your searches to specific categories, such as animal shelters, to avoid wasting time on irrelevant topics. You can also use Google Trends to narrow your search by country or category to see which keywords are most in demand.

Pitch a promotion to an animal shelter

If you're in the business of marketing, pitch a promotion to an animal shelter. Shelters often have influential leaders in the community that they will take note of. Plus, when you promote a shelter, you'll feel great about helping homeless pets. A good way to cross-promote is to think of creative ways to get your business and your pets' attention at the same time. Try promoting your business with a Yappy Hour, or show off your best pet glamour shots.

To help the shelter, be sure to make the promotion as easy as possible. Don't complicate things, as these costs can actually cost you more than the donations and adoptions you'll generate. In addition, make sure to provide ample parking, table signage, and other materials that the shelter will need to run the event. And make sure to mark the start and end dates of the promotion with a sign.

Another way to raise money for the shelter is by organizing a fundraiser. Many animal shelters host events where people can come to help the animals. Volunteers can help with putting up posters, handing out flyers, grooming dogs, or processing adoption applications. For example, a fundraiser event for pet adoptions might need volunteers to staff the information booth and serve refreshments. To recruit volunteers for this event, send emails to people who might be interested. Then, use social media to spread the word and collect donations.