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Appraiser SEO - How to Get Noticed by "Web Crawlers"

The success of Appraiser SEO in the Houston market is clear: The client saw a significant increase in consumer appraisal requests and established multiple top-three Google Map rankings. AdWords cost per conversion is less than 2.5% of gross sales profit, and the client has hired additional staff to serve the growing number of consumers. To learn more about Appraiser SEO, read our case study below. We'll also cover how to get noticed by "web crawlers."

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Getting noticed by "web crawlers"

Getting your appraiser SEO noticed by "web crawlers," which are automated bots that scour pages for relevant content, can be a challenge. Search engine spiders, or "web crawlers," use a combination of keywords to determine whether or not a particular site is relevant to the term they're looking up. A bad "floor plan" or poorly implemented SEO can give your website a negative evaluation from digital appraisers.

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Adding alt text is an important component of SEO for your website. Web crawlers read the text on images, so including good alt text increases your chance of being found when people search for that particular keyword in Google image searches. You don't have to be a great writer; all you need is a bit of coding and a different perspective on your website's images. Using alt text will make your website more accessible to visitors with disabilities.