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Organizing your website by categories can make it easier for visitors to navigate, keep your content from becoming too cluttered, and improve SEO. Each page has its own focus keyword. The page title is an essential SEO tool, as it explains what is on that page. Keep page titles short, clear, and to the point. The content of the page should also be described in the title. Use keywords and key phrases that are relevant to the content of the page.

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One of the first things you can do to boost your website's search engine rankings is to optimize the title of your blog post. Google refers to the title of your blog as the "title tag" when it displays it in search results. But keep in mind that Google will cut off your title after 60 characters. They measure it in pixel width, so it's important to have your title be no longer than 60 characters. As of late, Google increased the pixel width for organic search results from 500 to 600 pixels, which translates to 60 characters.

Image metadata is a powerful SEO tip for artists

A common mistake artists make on their websites is using large or low-resolution images. This is detrimental to the SEO of the website. Images that load slowly and look poor on the page will hurt the search engine ranking. Image sizing is critical to avoid this problem. The maximum size for images varies depending on the theme and site used, but a good rule of thumb is 1170 pixels on the horizontal edge. For images that are used as thumbnails, use smaller sizes.

Image metadata can also protect the image from piracy. Google uses the metadata to rank websites. It can be used by anyone online, but leaving the metadata attached to an image can have negative consequences. One famous example of a website with an image that has been cropped is TechTV host Catherine Schwartz. She uploaded a cropped picture of herself to her blog but did not remove its metadata. In doing so, the original image was exposed.

Adding alt text to images is another powerful SEO tip for artists. It tells Google what an image is about. It also appears on the page if the image is not fully displayed. Broken images can occur due to slow internet connections or server problems. To optimize your image for search engines, include the artist's name and focus keywords. When possible, include both in the alt text. In addition, artists should also include the title of their artwork.

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Image metadata is a vital part of your custom website strategy. It's important to remember that image metadata is an SEO tip for artists painting school, but it is not a guarantee that your website will be ranked well on Google's local search. The good news is that the image metadata is easy to manage. When deleting the metadata, save a copy of the file where it was removed.

Another powerful SEO tip for artists is to optimize their Squarespace site. Using AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) will speed up the website's loading time on mobile devices. Also, pay attention to the URLs of your Squarespace site. Make sure to use keywords and brand specific phrases in your URLs. This will help your audience find your work and purchase it. When you do, you'll be glad you did!

Optimize your website for mobile

While optimizing a website for mobile is essential, this task should not be the sole focus of your digital marketing campaign. Once your mobile website is live, make sure to tie it into your social media, blog, and subscriber email list. Offer new shoppers an incentive to buy on mobile and consider SMS marketing. You may be surprised to find that this simple, yet important step can make all the difference in the success of your mobile strategy.

It is not only important to keep in mind that users on mobile devices want to view your website as quickly as possible, but they also want to browse it in a fast manner. Image optimization helps reduce image file size without sacrificing quality. Image optimization not only improves user experience on mobile, but it also improves search engine rankings, engagement, and conversions. Optimized images also improve page load times and boost the rankings of your website in Google image searches. In addition to reducing file size, image optimization helps improve website performance.