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You can get a $100 instant rebate from QuietCool Professional Whole House Fans. The rebate amount depends on the model you choose. Usually attic fans exchange air every three to four minutes and work with the existing vents in your attic. They are usually mounted on the roof or gable vent. To find the best brand and model, read reviews of the top three. If you're considering purchasing an attic fan, get the most information possible about its features.

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RM 1500

The RM 1500 Attic Fan has been designed for attic cooling, driving out built-up heat and moisture. It is a great solution for homes with small attic spaces, moderate climates, or pitched roofs. It has a sleek design and is ideal for most pitched roof applications. It can be used with solar panels as well, which saves you money on installation and the products themselves. Here are some of the main benefits of this product.

RM 2000

The RM 2000 attic fan has an optional thermostat/humidistat combo switch to regulate humidity and temperature in the attic. It is factory-set to run between 85 and 100 degrees F. It can be mounted horizontally or vertically on sixteen or twenty-four-inch-on-center framing members. It has a wall-mount design that will integrate seamlessly with the existing gable louver.

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The Solar Star Attic Fan combines progressive designs with innovative solar technologies to ventilate heat and moisture from your attic. The result is that you'll save energy and money, while extending the life of your roof. Its solar panel can provide up to 35 watts of power for major air movement, while its ultra-low vibration motor allows it to operate quietly. The RM 2400 is a high-powered attic fan, perfect for larger attics and homes in cold climates.

RM 4000

The RM 2400 Attic Fan is a highly-efficient model, ideal for smaller attics and moderate climates. The 16-watt solar panel produces just enough airflow to provide efficient venting and maintain curb appeal. The RM 1500 Attic Fan is also an excellent choice for open-ceiling sheds and garages. Its sleek design makes it suitable for many applications. You can also purchase a RM 4000 Attic Fan for extra cooling in attics.

Attic fans from Maxx Air come with galvanized mesh screens to keep insects out. They require no special tools and install easily. These fans also allow you to take advantage of federal tax credits, which reduces your HVAC costs in the future. And because they save on air conditioning costs, you will enjoy even more tax benefits the next year. You can also save on the purchase price, as there is no installation fee with these units.

RM 3000

The Solar Star Attic Fan utilizes progressive designs and advanced solar technologies to efficiently vent moisture and heat from your attic. These problems contribute to high energy bills and damage to your roof. This fan can help you keep your attic cool and comfortable all year round. You will also see a reduction in utility bills. The Solar Star Attic Fan has a sleek design and is perfect for moderate climates and attics.