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Badminton is a popular sport with a growing audience worldwide. It is the second most played sport in the world, after cricket. However, the sport has been showing promising growth in Asia and has increased the number of competitions worldwide. The Badminton World Federation holds competitions all over the world and has expanded its scope to include a larger audience of youth. To help grow the sport worldwide, it has launched the Discover Badminton strategy.

In terms of the product, there are various companies engaged in the production and marketing of badminton shoes. The market size of the industry is estimated to be around $4 billion in 2019. The companies involved in the production of badminton shoes include Li Ning Company Limited, ASICS Corporation, Yonex Co., Ltd., Mizuno USA Inc., Carlton Sports, and Cosco (India) Ltd.

Badminton fans love interactive content. Digital content and apps make it easier for them to stay connected to their favorite players and the sport they love. The Badminton4U mobile app allows badminton fans to immerse themselves in the sport more often. Users can receive live scores, notifications when their favorite players are playing, and access exclusive backstage pass content. This way, fans can get the most from badminton content.

Chou Tien Chen is a Badminton veteran

The 19-year-old Canadian Brian Yang almost upset second-seed Chou Tien Chen of Chinese Taipei in the 2018 China Open. In a hard-fought match, Yang was the subject of a lot of discussion in the badminton community. But in the end, Chou Tien Chen triumphed, advancing to the quarter-finals. Yang was a heavy favorite to beat Chou, but Yang's win made international headlines. Moreover, Chou Tien Chen won the match against Felix Burstedt of Sweden in a quarter-final match, making the finals of the Beijing Olympics an even more compelling event.

Although Chou is no longer coached by a coach, the veteran Taiwanese player has been able to achieve great things by working independently. Chou is not a traditional athlete with a coach, instead, he relies on a physiotherapist, Victoria Kao, to give him the right advice and motivation. Victoria Kao has played the role of mentor, cheerleader, and chief critic, which has proven successful for the veteran shuttler.

China's Lin Dan has been a perennial powerhouse in the Asian Championships, but lost his final to Chou Tien Chen of Chinese Taipei. Chen Long, the Olympic champion, pulled out due to high fever, but Lin Dan is still a world-class player. She is also a Badminton veteran and a top-ranked player in the world. But the Chinese veteran will be facing a tough challenge when she comes to her next major tournament.

Kim Moo Joon plays Yoon Jung Hwan

In the latest Badminton Court SEO drama, Kim Moo Joon plays a popular Korean badminton player. The character is known for his all-round expertise, his good looks, and his self-discipline. He is an all-round tsundere with a fan club of his own. In addition to his badminton skills, the character also plays a supportive role in the team.

The story of the upcoming KBS drama "Going to You at 493 km/h" is quite interesting. Kim Moo Joon and Seo Ji Hye are two badminton players who work together in a badminton mixed doubles team. The two actors play a pair of badminton players who fall in love. The show is directed by Jo Woong and features Park Ju Hye and Kim Moo Joon in the lead roles. However, it is not available in streaming platforms at this time.

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As Yoon Jung Hwan, Kim Moo Joon portrays the star badminton player who is loved by fans for his all-around skills and good looks. However, his weak spot is his self-discipline. As such, Yoon Jung Hwan is a typical tsundere. In addition to Yoon Jung Hwan, the cast also features Seo Ji Hye and Lee Tae-sang.

In the Badminton Court SEO, Kim Moo Joon and Yoon Jung Hwan play on opposite sides of the net. The former is a very good player, while the latter is a poor student. Both players struggle to make ends meet and care for their family. Yoon Jung Hwan and Tae-yang are friends and former players, and they are both eager to help each other.

In addition to these two popular Badminton Court SEO dramas, "Tracer" is another highly anticipated drama. In this upcoming drama, Kim Moo Joon plays Yoon Jung Hwan and Go Ah Sung play their brazen team members. The drama is a perfect fit for Yoon Doo Joon after his military discharge. The actors are all well-cast, and the chemistry between them is superb.

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The Badminton Court in Seoul has recently undergone extensive renovations. The new turf is more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. The artificial turf will help prevent noise pollution while maintaining the natural feel of the park. The area features a lake and toilet facilities, artificial turf, picnic tables, and parking. It is located in Gangseo-gu, Gangnam-gu, and Yangcheon-gu.