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Elite Ballroom owners saw their organic traffic triple within a month following their site redesign. Within two months, they started showing up in local search results. Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit and they had to pivot. This article will help you learn the most important aspects of Ballroom SEO, such as Page Titles, Meta Descriptions, and more. Here's what we learned. Once you have an SEO strategy, your results will follow.

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When it came to SEO for a dance studio, Elite Ballroom needed a complete makeover. Their website was outdated and in need of a local SEO makeover. With so much traffic coming to Edmonton's dance scene, Elite Ballroom needed to improve their search engine rankings. The Adster team worked with Elite's owners to redesign the site and make it more user-friendly. We also created a custom CMS for the Elite website to help increase organic search traffic.

Elite Ballroom is a local, family-owned dance studio that offers wedding, social, and competition dances as well as a kids' program. Recently, they decided to expand their business and add two new instructors to accommodate more kids. This required a simple website update to promote the new instructors and their new kids' dance programs. Our SEO expert helped Elite Ballroom with these basic changes. Here are some benefits of hiring Elite Ballroom.

Page Titles

When optimizing page titles for Google, use descriptive keywords that relate to the content of your page. This helps search engines understand the page's content and target relevant searches. Avoid vague descriptors and use the keyword planner to identify and map relevant keywords to specific pages on your website. Use the data from Google's Keyword Planner to improve your page titles and optimize your content for search. By using the data you gather, you'll improve your page title's potential to rank well in Google's organic search results.

The length of page titles is important. While a short title may stand out for a moment, Google filters it out as it wants to keep search results simple. Use descriptive meta titles and use USPs and benefits to attract users to your page. If your title is about cheap holidays, include a call to action to buy. This will increase click-through rate and traffic to your page. However, remember that competition is fierce - make your title catchy and readable.

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When optimizing page titles for Google, keep the brand name in mind. It's important to use a brand name, as it matches relevance much better than a generic page title. If the brand is hard to remember, use an alternate title. If you are unsure of what your brand name is, it's okay to use the brand name. Otherwise, the brand's name won't appear in Google's search results.

In addition to avoiding bad page titles, you should also avoid using more than one variation of your keyword phrases. Bad page titles are used on almost every page of your site and encourage poor SEO practices. Google will also truncate page titles after 70 characters. If you exceed that limit, Google will automatically negate the content. If you exceed 70 characters, use ellipses. This will help Google understand the content on your page and increase your rankings.

Meta Descriptions

Whether you're writing for an ecommerce website or a blog, meta descriptions are essential to your SEO efforts. They must be well-written and unique to your site, while keeping in mind how your audience will find your content. If you're writing for a blog, be sure to follow character limits and maintain the right tone of voice, branding, and tone of voice, among other things. They should also intertwine common SEO elements.

A great meta description should persuade people that they're getting the best possible result. If people are searching for information about a specific topic, you should be able to provide the most complete answer. If people are looking for a specific product, make sure to highlight its special selling points and persuade them to buy it. If your audience is looking for dance lessons, be sure to write a meta description that will get them interested enough to click through.

To make your meta description as concise and compelling as possible, consider using Yoast SEO Premium plugin. This plugin can analyze your meta description and give feedback for improving the length, keyword focus, and keywords. You can also include a website address. By doing this, you'll see which keywords are most relevant to your site, as well as which are most likely to convert into sales. The plugin can also help with content creation by helping you optimize your website for search engines.

In addition to the right keywords and content, the meta description is also important to increase the click-through rate for organic search results. The higher the CTR, the more likely people are to click on your link. And with more clicks, the higher the quality of traffic you receive. Whether you're writing for the purpose of attracting new customers, or to promote a brand or a service, your meta description should inspire confidence and appeal to emotion.


If you are concerned about website security, you may be wondering how to increase your SEO rankings. This is where security comes into play. You will be able to detect any issues with your website, and take action to ensure that your site is protected from any malicious activities. Read on for some helpful tips. Security in ballroom SEO goes beyond a website's security settings. It also includes the security of its links. Having an SSL certificate for your website is important for search engine optimization.

Besides installing SSL certificates, businesses should implement other cybersecurity measures to protect their website and online information. Strong passwords, automated backups, and firewalls are all important. Additionally, you should regularly update your software. You can use your SEO strategy to increase cybersecurity, but it's important not to ignore this aspect. Budget your resources for security according to how important it is. This can make all the difference. For example, if your site is hacked, your visitors will not return.