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Are you trying to rank for a BBQ restaurant's name on Google? If so, you're not alone. In fact, hundreds of thousands of websites in the Barbecue area have the same problem. Google doesn't want people to see a barbecue restaurant's name when they type in a search term for sushi in Dallas. In order to avoid this, Google has updated its algorithm. Fortunately, this update hasn't had too much of a negative impact, yet.

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El Camino Mongolian BBQ

Santa Clara's beloved El Camino Mongolian BBQ is shutting down on December 15. Owners John and Sunny Seo cited a financial downturn from the pandemic as their reason for closing, but they hope to reopen with someone else in the neighborhood. The acclaimed Korean restaurant opened in 1993, and customers were often treated to bowl meals made from crunchy egg rolls and fried rice.

The Korean-born couple that owns El Camino Mongolian BBQ is donating to the cause of Korean War veterans. They've donated to this cause for the last 16 years. The owners originally donated $500 a year, but this year they donated $1,000. The Korean-born couple's generosity is reflected in the fact that it was the restaurant's first location. El Camino Mongolian BBQ's customers are a testament to the restaurant's quality and reputation.

Shuler's Bar-B-Que

A visit to Shuler's Barbecue in Lake City is an excellent opportunity to indulge in some barbecue and southern hospitality. The restaurant, which opened more than 25 years ago in Latta, South Carolina, is known for its barbecue area, which offers 20+ barbecue items. Many of the dishes are made from the recipes of Shuler's grandmother, and the atmosphere is warm and inviting.

The restaurant is located in a barbecue "desert," a region of South Carolina that is almost barbeque-free. Shuler's is four miles off of I-95 in Latta, SC, and has been called the 100-Mile Barbeque. Its barbecue area SEO strategy is simple. First, optimize the website with relevant keywords, such as barbecue area.

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Second, improve the customer flow. Marcus had problems with wait times and a limited number of tables. Adding a second register made it possible to serve more customers and increase seating. Lastly, the restaurant improved its flow. Using the new method, customers are now able to enter the restaurant from both sides. This improved customer flow and reduced waiting time. Finally, the restaurant has two registers, allowing customers to access two sides at once.

Dinosaur Bar-B-Que

The first ever dinosaur BBQ! Dinosur Bar-B-Que was looking to increase its digital presence and position itself in search engine results for bbq catering, a barbecue restaurant, and a number of related keywords. With 8 locations across the northeast U.S., the company needed a comprehensive strategy to boost its brand and increase their visibility. After all, what other restaurant can rival a dinosaur?

Dinosaur Barbecue first opened in 1988 in downtown Syracuse, N.Y., and has expanded over the years to include full-service dining and a full bar. The restaurant is now also open for private parties. The chain has expanded and opened six other locations, including Rochester, NY (1998), Harlem, NY (2004-2006), Buffalo, NY (2012), and Rochester, N.Y.