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A battery wholesaler recently contacted a market research firm to create a new e-commerce website. They wanted to determine what kinds of marketing strategies were most effective, what types of research customers do to make purchasing decisions, and who their main influencers were. The results were surprising! A battery wholesaler was able to increase its market share by just five percent! The agency was able to use the information they obtained to improve the structure of their website, expand into specific niches, and increase their market share.

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Improve website structure

If your wholesale battery business isn't quite as strong as you thought it would be, you may want to consider improving your website structure. Not only can this improve the user experience on your website, it can also help your SEO. By categorizing your content, you can make it easier for visitors to find the information they're looking for. Further, you can also create subcategories for additional information. Ultimately, your website's structure is the most important part of your online success.

The structure of your website should be logical and easy for users to navigate. Imagine your website as a large building with an organized layout and clear structure. Your users don't want to get lost while trying to find what they're looking for. A confusing website or building is frustrating and disconcerting. Users should know where they are in the structure before they begin to browse. So, how can you improve your website structure for battery wholesaler?

Increase market share

The Battery Store Franchises industry comprises operators of retail stores that sell, service, and repair batteries for various automotive applications. The industry's revenues are mainly attributed to automotive batteries. Rebounding economic conditions and rising per capita disposable income are expected to boost the industry's growth rates. Rising e-commerce trends and external competition are expected to reduce industry profit margins and increase volatility in key downstream markets. As a result, battery wholesalers should focus on attracting franchise opportunities to increase their market share.

Competition is intense as many automotive manufacturers are making efforts to diversify their supply chain. New entrants are facing major challenges in the form of fluctuating raw materials prices. To overcome these challenges, players are developing their own automotive battery recycling facilities. Such facilities can help prevent disruptions in battery manufacturing operations. However, these measures are not enough to guarantee sustained market share. For battery wholesalers, gaining market share will require an aggressive marketing strategy.

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Growth in lithium production and sales has boosted investment in battery manufacturing capacity. Meanwhile, sales of PEVs in countries with strong raw material supplies have slowed the progress of some lithium-producing countries. However, the sector's outlook is still bright. With strong regional PEV sales, global lithium-ion-battery manufacturing capacity is expected to increase by 218% over the next five years. Meanwhile, Australia is also making progress in developing energy storage LIBs. Energy Renaissance Pty. Ltd., for example, plans to begin producing energy storage LIBs in Australia mid-2021, starting with 0.066 GWh.

Battery power is increasingly becoming the alternative to plug-in and gas power. The most notable applications of battery-powered products include power lawn and garden equipment and power tools. However, battery power is also increasingly common in basic household products. New categories such as drones and smart wearables are expected to further boost battery sales. And as battery sales continue to grow, battery wholesalers should keep pace with these growth trends. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today and take a part in the market.

With these new partnerships, battery wholesalers can expect to capture a larger slice of the battery market. Moreover, the collaboration of large-scale manufacturers and small-scale manufacturers will also increase market share for battery wholesalers. These partnerships will boost the overall economy and increase employment rates. This new market is sure to help increase their bottom lines. So, it's time to start focusing on the industrial-scale market.

In the automotive industry, lead-acid batteries will account for the majority of demand in the near future. However, growth will be more substantial in the HEV segment, where sales will more than double by 2024. By 2024, full-electric vehicles are expected to drive battery sales growth, while hybrid electric variants have been the bulk of the HEV industry until recently. There's no shortage of batteries, so wholesalers can benefit from this opportunity.