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If you're a beginner in BMX riding, you can start out with a basic bike and upgrade to something a little more expensive later. But before you start, it's important to choose the right bike for your skill level and budget. There are some parts that can be upgraded later, like wheels and tires, but you need to make sure you're getting a good deal. Depending on your skill level, you may need to invest in bigger parts or upgrade the frame.

BMX tracks have become a booming business, and you can't afford not to take part. Not only do they offer some of the most exciting and affordable rides, they also provide an outlet for local bikers. And what's better than a BMX track? It's easy to join a BMX track! You can either go to your local club or get one online. Just make sure to submit your ID and a proof of age.

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To participate in the races, you'll need a USA BMX membership. You can buy a one-day membership or a yearly membership. A full face helmet and enclosed shoes are required for racing. A 20-inch wheel diameter is a good rule of thumb. You should also remove your kickstand and freestyle axle pegs. Finally, you'll need a hard plastic number plate. A temporary number plate is included in the membership fee.

Membership fees at BMX clubs vary by region. The full membership costs $60, and entitles you to race in any USABMX sanctioned event. You'll also receive the monthly BMX magazine and pertinent information mailings. In addition to this, you'll get your own official membership card and will have access to the official BMX rulebook. You'll also have access to other benefits of full membership, like online racing.