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If you own a body piercing shop, you probably know how important SEO is. Without it, you'll be losing potential customers and revenue. The good news is that there are several ways to get more exposure for your body piercing shop. Zigma Internet Marketing offers various Internet marketing services to help you establish an online presence and attract more prospective clients. Here are some of these services:

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Benefits of B12 SEO for tattoo & piercing shop website

Boost your web traffic by offering a high-ranking presence on Google and other search engines. A B12 SEO service combines the efforts of human experts and AI to optimize your site, list it on search engines, and build its presence on directories. Its AI-powered technology powers the process while human experts refine it. This powerful SEO service costs just $99 per month.

Setting up a drive-thru body piercing shop

A drive-thru body piercng shop typically involves more movement than other types of businesses. Regardless of location, you'll be on your feet most of the day, whether running errands or performing tasks. This may sound like a great thing to do, but it can be a drain on your energy. Setting up a drive-thru body piercing shop means adjusting your business model to suit your customers and your needs.

To set up a drive-thru body-piercing shop, you'll need to invest in good marketing strategies. If you haven't done so, you'll struggle to attract customers. In a business that's dominated by big brands, you'll need to make your presence felt and attract new customers. Drop business cards and fliers in strategic places and get your name and location out there.

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When setting up a drive-thru body-piercing shop, it's essential to form a legal business entity. A legal business entity protects you and your customers from liability. To form an LLC, you can do this yourself or hire Best LLC Services. Once the LLC is formed, you'll elect a registered agent. You can also serve as your registered agent. Don't forget to register with your state and federal government, and ensure that your business pays tax.

While operating your body-piercing business out of a storefront, it's also essential to secure a CO (Certificate of Occupancy), which confirms your compliance with zoning laws, building codes, and government regulations. In most cases, you'll have to secure a CO from your landlord. You may need to obtain a new one if your business expands significantly.

Whether you want to offer traditional piercing or more innovative techniques, body piercing is becoming more popular than ever. Many clients source body-piercing services and products from other businesses due to a drop in quality. Fortunately, there are ways to keep your customers and your business loyal. It's important to measure your results, progress, and outputs. This will allow you to improve your services, and maintain your loyal customers.

While there are many advantages to setting up a drive-thru body-piercing shop, it's important to remember that your income will come primarily from walk-in business. To keep your business profitable, you may want to invest in multiple rooms. Eventually, you may also want to hire other piercers or artists to work in the shop. Purchasing a piercing chair costs between $250 and $500 new. Used ones, however, can be found for much less.

Insurance requirements for a body piercing shop

Before opening a body piercing shop, you should make sure the business has the appropriate licenses and permissions. State laws and zoning laws may require a business to have a Certificate of Occupancy (CO), but this is usually the landlord's responsibility. A new CO is usually required after a major remodeling project, so make sure you check your lease contract carefully for any clauses that could delay payments until you have a CO.

General liability insurance covers many unforeseen events and can be particularly important for body piercing shops. It is important to discuss these policies with your agent to avoid blind spots in coverage. Generally, a body piercing shop should spend between $350-750 per year on general liability insurance for $1 million of property. The amount of coverage may vary depending on the location, but the cost will likely be minimal.

In addition to liability insurance, independent body piercers must have ear piercing insurance. These policies will protect the shop from claims arising from infection and negligence. Jewelry stores that offer piercing services should also carry associated liability insurance. In addition, piercers may offer earring services. However, they should not perform piercing on children under the age of 18.

Professional liability insurance covers the business and its named employees from financial hardship in case of accidents. It pays for medical bills and damage to property caused by accidents. Additionally, it also protects the shop's assets and the owner in case of lawsuits resulting from substandard work. Additionally, piercing and tattoo artists must carry workers compensation insurance, which pays for medical care for injured workers and covers follow-up costs.

As with all businesses, body piercing businesses need insurance to protect themselves from the costs of injury and damage. Most insurance companies offer comprehensive insurance for piercers. These policies can also cover the piercing needle, stud, and other equipment. Even though these procedures may be relatively routine, they still come with a significant risk. If your business is not insured, it will not last long.

Public liability insurance is another requirement for body piercing businesses. The liability insurance covers the tattoo artist against lawsuits arising from substandard work and medical malpractice. Similarly, it protects the shop from claims related to communicable diseases, as the tattoo and body piercing industry is prone to the spread of disease. Having sterilized equipment is important if you want to offer these services. Otherwise, clients might become sick and sue you for medical malpractice.