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A Bookbinder SEO agency can produce better results than an internal department. The expert recommends a technique with special insights that are beneficial for Bookbinder. The Bookbinder website is mobile-friendly and fully responsive. Grofuse has also provided in-depth training for Bookbinder's employees. The Bookbinder SEO agency also improves visual appeal and branding. Read on to learn more about the Bookbinder SEO process.

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Bookbinder website is mobile-friendly and fully responsive

A mobile-friendly website is one that adapts to the size of the user's device. Instead of shrinking or enlarging content, this type of site reformats text to fit the smaller screen. It also avoids features like navigation drop-downs and Flash animation. Ultimately, a mobile-friendly website is one that looks and feels the same on all devices. It is important for your website to be responsive.

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A mobile-friendly website can be used on a tablet or smartphone. It can be easily adapted to fit both vertical and horizontal views. A fully responsive website can adapt to all screen sizes and display content in a variety of ways. Mobile users are likely to abandon a mobile site if it takes more than three or four seconds to load. Luckily, Bookbinder's website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

Grofuse provided in-depth training for Bookbinder staff

The site is mobile-friendly and fully responsive, so it looks great across all common platforms. Meta titles and descriptions show the title and description of web pages, making them more visible and accessible. In-depth training was provided by Grofuse to Bookbinder staff through one-on-one training sessions and walk-through videos. The new site is responsive on all popular devices, including tablets and smartphones.