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Aside from your website, you should also make use of social media marketing tools like Facebook, Twitter, and WeChat. Moreover, you should also use traditional advertising and personalized labeling to get your products noticed. These are all proven ways to promote your business and reach the maximum number of potential customers. So, make use of these tools and maximize your SEO efforts! Listed below are some of the most important tips to help you increase your Bottled Water Supplier SEO.

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Social media

A new study shows a link between bottled water packaging and the intention to purchase the product. Social marketing campaigns targeting young adults can reduce bottled water purchases by normalizing the use of reusable water bottles. In addition, they can make carrying reusable bottles more acceptable. This research may prove useful for bottled water suppliers as it can inspire them to create more sustainable water packaging and campaigns. Hopefully, more scholarly research will be conducted to formulate effective social marketing strategies.

One bottle water supplier has jumped into the social media fray by launching a social media campaign in partnership with the (RED) campaign. The campaign will start in participating Vero Water restaurant clients during December 2017 and run until World Water Day on March 22, 2018.

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The study also found that attitudes and perceived subjective social norms about BW consumption were positively associated with purchase intentions. These findings validate previous research on the connection between subjective norms and behavior. In particular, attitudes were a significant predictor of purchase intention. Furthermore, social media postings about bottled water consumption were positively correlated with purchases. Overall, this study reveals a strong correlation between the two factors. Therefore, bottled water suppliers can use social media to improve brand awareness and boost sales.


In order to succeed in WeChat for Bottled Water Supplier SEO, there are several strategies that you can utilize. First, use WeChat's location detection feature. It's easy to tell where your potential customers are if they're nearby. You can also use the "Drift Bottle" feature to target your potential customers. WeChat covers over 300 cities and 2,500 counties nationwide. Lastly, take advantage of the platform's search feature.

Lastly, you should create an official WeChat account. This account focuses on brand communication and customer service. It's best for businesses that have a large number of subscribers. You can also build a booking system within the WeChat app. You should create a service account if you're looking to target an internal market, as opposed to an external market. WeChat has both subscription and service accounts that are great for businesses.

To make money using WeChat, you need to be aware of the platform's regulations. As a Chinese company, you're limited to five official accounts. You can buy additional slots from Chinese companies for a few hundred or thousands of dollars. Be prepared to spend a lot of time navigating the Chinese market, but it's worth it in the end. WeChat is a great place to share your brand and sell your products.

Traditional advertising

Branded bottled water suppliers have many advantages. They have full creative control of the finished product, unlike traditional advertising, which is filtered through many channels and devolves into something that is far from the original concept. Customizable water bottles, on the other hand, allow business owners to design the bottle, fonts, graphics, and label design to fit their own brand personality. As a result, they can control how their customers perceive their brand, as well as create cross-promotional opportunities.

Whether you are looking for ways to increase your business revenue, consider leveraging social media and mobile devices. Mobile devices are increasingly being used by consumers to make purchases. Hence, if you want to attract consumers who already consume a lot of bottled water, consider using mobile and social sharing websites. You can even include promotional branded bottles as freebies in festivals or swag bags at events. These are just a few of the many ways to promote bottled water.

In addition to a relevant database, a well-crafted email campaign can help businesses avoid the hassle of mailing irrelevant content. People read testimonials to gauge the quality of a company, and it's important to highlight the good things about a business. Don't forget to highlight good customer service in your advertisements. Positive customer feedback helps to build a brand name and improves customer service. Even if a customer reviews a negative experience with your company, a testimonial will always be worth the read.

Customized labeling

If you're a business owner who is interested in customizing your bottled water labels, you're in luck! Custom bottled water is an excellent marketing tool and serves as a powerful customer retention incentive. Branded bottled water is perceived as a more high-end product and consumers often associate it with class and sophistication. This makes it a perfect choice for marketing purposes, and it makes a great addition to any hospitality facility, real estate firm, or auto dealership. Custom bottled water is also an ideal promotional item for country clubs, fitness facilities, and membership-based businesses. It reflects professionalism and reflects a corporate culture.

When used correctly, custom bottled water labels can enhance a business' branding. A custom label can be an effective way to promote a brand's name, logo, and contact information. Personalized labeling is a low-cost means of advertising and can be used at community events, company meetings, and trade shows. Water bottles are also a great promotional tool because customers can take them wherever they go and drink the water they desire.

While choosing a water bottle label, consider the shape and size. Customized labeling for bottled water suppliers can come in different shapes and sizes, so you'll have plenty of options to choose from. Regardless of the shape and size of the bottle, custom labels will attract customers to taste your bottled water. You can even use metallic touches on water bottle labels to make them stand out from the competition. Using foil film and metalized silver paper, you can easily make your water bottles shiny and catch consumers' attention. To make sure your label is waterproof, you can opt for a laminate or UV coating. You should also choose film-based labels for longer shelf-life.


The International Bottled Water Association is the authoritative source for bottled water information. Their database of bottled water suppliers includes information on domestic and international distributors. Bottled water is a growing industry that is worth investing time in understanding. By utilizing the database of bottled water suppliers, you can find out what quality you're consuming. You can also search for bottled water by ZIP code. By using this database, you'll be able to compare prices and find the best-quality water.

The EWG worked to ensure that the information on the Database is accurate, but since it is constantly changing, the data may not be entirely current. Changes in utility information, contaminant levels, and other factors may affect the accuracy of this database. Because the Database is based on data provided by numerous sources, it cannot be guaranteed to be 100% accurate. Before using the database, you'll want to check the accuracy of its information.

To identify the suppliers that offer the best quality bottled water, you should check their water quality records. EPA requires bottled water to be free of lead, copper, and disinfection byproducts. The database's database lists water suppliers that meet these standards by searching publicly available records. If your water supplier is not listed on the list, you can contact them directly through the links provided. The database contains information on the water suppliers in your state.

Business insurance

A bottled water production company needs insurance for several reasons. The most obvious is to protect its property. While you can certainly save money by buying less-expensive insurance, it will also help you avoid unnecessary costs. This type of insurance covers bodily injury, property damage, and medical expenses, as well as liability and libel claims. Buying insurance for your bottler water production company will also protect you in the event of a lawsuit.

While it is crucial to have liability and property insurance, you should also consider taking out workers' compensation insurance. This type of insurance may be required by state law. The brand that you build is a critical element of your business. If your customers are large commercial enterprises, you must have a strong brand that is unique and recognizable. In addition, your marketing strategy must be aimed at attracting a large market. In order to make money with bottled water, it is important to know the brand and target your market accordingly.

Another aspect of business insurance for bottlers is the cost of operations. Small-scale facilities can cost tens of thousands of dollars per year, while medium-scale operations can run into thousands of dollars per month. Utility expenses and labor costs can add up, as most employees are expecting to earn full-time wages with benefits. Aside from the high cost of utilities, bottlers often have to pay for insurance as well.