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If you're looking for a great deal on a Japanese inn, consider staying in a Budget Japanese Inn. This kind of Japanese accommodation is typically cheap and offers a traditional atmosphere. Many of them are even featured in popular anime like Love Hina. Read on to learn more about these inns. They are a great way to get to know the local people. Budget Japanese Inns are often located around tourist areas, so they're a great way to save money while still having a great experience.

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Rider House

If you're looking for a unique, budget Japanese accommodation, try a Rider House. These simple accommodations are run by volunteers and can range in price from 20,000 to 100,000 yen per night. Unlike hotels, they don't require reservations, so you can book them online with confidence. You can find reviews and ratings for Rider Houses on TripAdvisor and read the owner's reviews as well.


The Japanese term "Geshukuya" is used to describe budget accommodation in Japan, primarily student or pension accommodations. They are traditionally styled and are often reminiscent of Japanese ryokans. You might have seen these accommodations in anime such as Love Hina or in a movie about the kabuki actor, Hirohito Kubo. A Geshukuya is similar to a Ryokan, but it is cheaper and often runs by a family. The location is important as well; most of them are around tourist areas.


Minshuku is a term used to describe a type of accommodation in Japan. The concept is similar to a bed and breakfast in France or the United Kingdom, with guests staying in the owner's home. This style of lodging allows travelers to experience everyday Japanese life without having to pay the high costs of a hotel. In addition, many minshuku are located in traditional houses and are a more personal experience for travelers.

Geshukuya, meanwhile, refers to a traditional Japanese pension or student accommodation. The traditional style of Geshukuya is very traditional and can be seen in popular Japanese anime series, including Love Hina. Minshuku, on the other hand, are family-run inns that allow visitors to interact with local families. They are relatively inexpensive, with a night's stay and two meals costing under Y=10,000.


The name shukubo translates to "sleeping with the monks" in Japanese. This accommodation is located inside a Buddhist temple and features a variety of activities, such as zen meditation and a vegetarian or vegan cooking lesson. During the day, visitors can view the monks' daily life and participate in religious ceremonies. While the Japanese people are considered nonreligious by Western standards, their roots are deeply rooted in religion. In addition to Buddhism, Shinto and other religions are widely represented in the country.

While there are no shukubos everywhere in Japan, they are found around major pilgrimage sites. In fact, there are many shukubos around Mount Mitake, Osorezan, and Dewa Sanzan. The most popular of these are located on Mount Koya, which has more than fifty of them. The monks there are used to dealing with foreigners and speak English, so reservations are easy to make.

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Since the accommodations at Shukubo are part of a Buddhist temple, they are typically more expensive than their Western counterparts. Prices for these traditional accommodations can range from 9,000 to 15,000 yen for a single room. The price includes breakfast and dinner. While you do not have to practice Buddhism to stay at Shukubo, you will have to respect the temple's traditions. The rooms, while being modern, do not include televisions or radios. And because the toilets are communal, you will share it with the other guests.

Guests staying at Shukubo have the option to explore the historic temple and surrounding sacred sites. This location has been welcoming visitors for centuries. At Eko-in Temple, guests can experience the true meaning of shukubo. Located in a Japanese temple, the rooms have a Japanese futon and tatami mat floor. In addition to Japanese style furniture, the rooms have spacious modern bathrooms. In addition to the ancient temple, guests can enjoy morning ceremonies at the Shukubo temple, which start at 6:30am.

Toyoko Inn

The Budget Japanese Inn is a small, family-run business with 303 rooms and complimentary wireless Internet access. Most rooms have views of the city and offer Western amenities. Some locations are located near train stations. They also allow pets, with a weight limit. In the heart of Busan, this hotel is the perfect choice for travelers on a budget. Read on to learn more about this Japanese inn and book a room.