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Although Mexican-Americans have long occupied positions in the cannery, their majority status came into question after World War II, when the cannery workforce changed from southern European to predominantly Mexican and Latin American. During this time, Mexican-Americans experienced a sense of discrimination from the Portuguese and Italian-American forewomen, who did not share the same language and extended social connections. The lack of a common language prevented workers from reporting complaints or learning about promotion opportunities with Spanish-speaking forewomen. Consequently, Mexican-Americans took over the supervisory positions when the Portuguese and Italian-American workers retired.

While men performed most of the skilled work in the cannery, women continued to perform domestic tasks. Even after the shift from handwork to machine operation, women were still the preferred seasonal labor force. In addition, women worked for lower wages and had few opportunities for advancement. Their work was little different than that of men, and they often faced harried conditions trying to keep up with the machines. Unlike today, women were largely restricted to manual tasks such as slicing and pitting fruits and vegetables, and were paid by the task.

During the heyday of the early twentieth century, the lower Columbia River was home to many canneries. By 1873, there were thirty-seven canneries in San Jose. As a result, the river was home to thousands of gillnet boats that provided cannery workers with the fresh fish they needed. In 1883, the canneries had three hundred and eighty-pound cases of salmon per year, which was enough for nearly a half million canned cases of salmon.

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The cannery industry began to grow rapidly and became an industrial enterprise. The growing demand for canned goods fueled a competitive environment. By the end of the decade, however, it had become a major enterprise with a national reputation. Ultimately, the California Packing Corporation absorbed the San Jose Fruit Packing Company. However, there were still several smaller companies, and many canneries still struggled to gain a share of a new market. Many of them even stole crops from competitors, filling their cans with sawdust instead of fruit and vegetables.

The cannery's biggest concern in the early days was safety. The California Fruit Packing Company built a state-of-the-art cannery on Sainsevain Street near downtown San Jose. The cannery consisted of several smaller structures, with the main warehouse located on the east side of the site. The building contained the main warehouse as well as the steam bath and cooking room. Buildings F and H housed a fruit preparation department and empty can storage. Building C was devoted to the jelly manufacturing process.

Another historic cannery is the French River Cannery, built between 1912 and 1940. During the gold rush, canned fish was a staple of the Western diet. The native people had long practiced drying fish for thousands of years. As the industry grew, canneries were built in major fishing areas. The process of drying fish was highly profitable and eventually led to the establishment of canneries throughout the state.

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