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Chalet SEO - How Chalet Heavenly Used b4b to Design a New Website

b4b, the digital agency, was approached by Chalet Heavenly to design a new website. The design was to be dramatic and glam, just as the owner wanted it to be. The result was a site that was both user-friendly and highly optimized for search engine results. But what made the new website so special? Read on to discover how Chalet SEO helped the new website come to life! After all, it was more than just a redesign.

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Chalet Heavenly approached b4b to create a new website

The owners of a luxury chalet near Morzine, France, approached b4b to create a brand identity and new website. In addition to designing a new website, we also developed social media marketing campaigns to promote their luxury ski chalet. They recently took on management of a second chalet and have successfully integrated this new property into their website. Here's what they had to say.