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The Chinese traditional medicine industry is growing rapidly, with nearly 49% of the population undergoing treatment in the Covid-19 era. This is largely due to the increasing purchasing power of Chinese households. Moreover, the reputation of a Chinese Medicine Store is a crucial factor in gaining a foothold in the online world, as almost 70% of Chinese research starts with Baidu. If your store is not ranked well on Baidu, then you are losing out on valuable exposure.

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Thye Hin Hoe Medical Store

THYE HIN HOE MEDICAL STORE is located in THYE, HI. They are listed under chinese medicine stores and beauty supply stores. They have 33 reviews. You can visit them in person or order online. They accept credit cards. You can call them at (852) 928-5555 or visit them on their website to order. They accept PayPal and credit cards.

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The online store provides more than just medicine and health products. This site provides helpful health tips and recipes to make soup packs and teas. In addition, Thye Hin Hoe Medical Store also offers a video tutorial on how to cook soup packs. The business has increased its revenue by 10% since going online. By focusing on digital transformation, this business can save on costs and maximize revenue. Listed below are some of the ways it used SEO to increase its revenue.

Thye Hin Hoe Medical Store's online store

One of the best examples of a business that has made the switch to digital transformation is Thye Hin Hoe Medical Store. The traditional Chinese medicine store has been around for 60 years and is in a town with mostly elderly residents. By transforming its business online, it can reach new customers from outside the area and increase revenue. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of digital transformation for traditional businesses.

Thye Hin Hoe Medical Store's digital transformation

A traditional Chinese medicine store in Singapore has experienced significant growth in recent years thanks to its successful digital transformation. It has been in business for 60 years and is located in a town populated mainly by the elderly. By partnering with local students at Nanyang Technological University to transform its store to include digital features, the store was able to reach a whole new audience and significantly increase its sales.