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How to Achieve Success With Chinese Takeaway SEO

If you're trying to rank high for a term like "Chinese Takeaway", it's important to understand what goes into creating a successful organic search strategy. The first thing to remember is to never focus exclusively on search engines, and certainly not on scamming organic traffic. Putting false information on your website will only be counterproductive, and is known as "cloaking."

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On-page SEO

For businesses that want to get their food business in front of Chinese customers, on-page Chinese SEO is critical. Although Baidu's algorithms aren't as advanced as Google's, they still can produce decent results if you follow some basic on-page SEO techniques. First of all, use your target keywords as naturally as possible in the page's content. Don't try to stuff your content with keywords, and make sure that your copy is written by a native Chinese writer.

Second, make your content easier to understand for both humans and bots. When the Baidu spider crawls your site, it's more sensitive to the contents that are frequently updated and completely renewed. Also, keep your website's hierarchy flat, so it's easier to understand for the spiders and your audience. Your content should be easy to understand, and it's best to place important content on higher levels. This will improve your website's on-page SEO.

Domain configuration

If you want to achieve success in the Chinese market, you must know the intricacies of domain configuration. This includes creating a separate website for China, as well as subdomains and subfolders. Whether you use the latter for SEO purposes is a different issue. The most important thing to remember is to create a separate website with Chinese language content and fast loading times. Here are some tips to follow.

First, select a country-code domain. This will target a country, giving Google a strong location signal. It will also connect your brand with local norms and boost your trust factor with your audience. However, country-code domains are resource-intensive and require physical presence, a special certificate and link building. This is the most expensive option, but it can be highly rewarding. Regardless of the domain name you choose, be sure to check the following tips to ensure you get the most out of your SEO efforts.

Keyword research

If you're looking to increase traffic to your Chinese takeaway restaurant website, you'll need to know what types of keywords are relevant to Chinese consumers. Keywords that don't have too much competition, but have less traffic than your competitors, are known as long tail keywords. The good thing about long tail keywords is that they're often less competitive than their high-volume counterparts. In addition, you don't have to worry about competing with large websites.

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Before you begin formulating your keywords, ask yourself, "What do people want to know about a Chinese takeaway business?" Try to put yourself in your potential consumer's shoes. Think about what search queries laymen would type into Google if they were trying to find a Chinese takeaway restaurant. What would they type in if they were looking for a place like yours? What kinds of keywords would they use? This way, you can make sure your keywords are relevant to your customers' needs.

Keywords are still a crucial part of a successful SEO campaign. Whether your target audience is browsing online, shortlisting options for a special occasion, or simply looking for a new dinner for a special occasion, keywords can help them find you. When looking for a restaurant, most people use generic terms, such as "restaurant in New York" or "chinese takeaway", but you can also target your audience by specific cuisines.