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As a passionate chocolate lover, I've worked with many small business owners in order to get their website optimized for search engines. In Trish's case, she knew her customers loved her chocolates and wanted to expand her reach beyond local customers to the corporate sector. She also wanted to create a visual identity to complement her brand name. She also needed ongoing support and assistance with her SEO. I was delighted to help Trish with her chocolate business website.

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Zoe's Chocolate held a community event at their Waynesboro location. They provided samples of their delicious chocolates and led attendees through an educational presentation on how they make chocolate. Zoe's is not affiliated with the popular television show, The Profit. The Flex team also used social media to reach new audiences. Their Facebook page garnered over 6,000 likes and over 2000 comments.

The Tsoukatos family has a special bond with chocolate. After losing their job as chocolatiers in the mid-aughts, the family banded together and took a gamble to get him back into the kitchen. In 2007, Zoe and her brother Pantelis left their jobs in Washington, D.C., and moved back home to Waynesboro, Pa. The chocolate company opened its doors in the same town in 2007.

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While the chocolate shop's name may have been changed, the company's mission remains unchanged: to make the best chocolate in the world. In the past, Zoe's Chocolate's focus on its chocolate beans dominated the menu. Then, the company expanded its product line to include quinoa brittle. They are ready to pitch their gourmet chocolate to Norwegian Cruise Lines within a week.

Sables Gourmets

Sables Gourmets is an artisan chocolate and sables company with a long history. The owner, Luna El Murr, strives for perfection and innovation when crafting her chocolates. This company is dedicated to providing customers with chocolate pieces that taste like heaven. Luna's passion for the culinary arts and her love of chocolate make her products stand out from the rest. There are no commercial products that match the deliciousness of Sables Gourmets.

Sables Gourmet, an artisan chocolate and sables company, partnered with Webneoo to improve their online presence. Webneoo focused on web development, e-commerce, and social media marketing for the chocolate and sables business. Webneoo partnered with Sables Gourmet to create marketing-oriented and exclusive content for the company's website.


In the heart of historic Florence, you'll find Venchi Chocolate Artisan, a small gelateria that celebrates the traditions of Italian chocolates. Located near the Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria, this charming gelateria is the perfect place to enjoy a scoop of ice cream with a delicious chocolate topping. Florence's offers an enormous variety of chocolates that will leave you drooling with joy.

The fair is free, so you can attend for free, and sample the treats being served at the many booths. Many vendors will offer traditional chocolates, and others will feature unique chocolate combinations such as teas, distillates, and spices. In addition to tasting, some stalls will offer chocolate spirits and other wellness products containing cacao. While the event is free to attend, you can expect a lot of buzz in the town and in the surrounding area.


Handmade chocolates are a must-have for any Valentine's Day gift list. These tasty treats are carefully crafted by Nigel Rumsey at his Wendover, Oxfordshire shop. The company has grown since its humble beginnings in the 1970s to a workforce of 43, including five chocolate chefs. Today, the company operates two chocolateeries in the UK: one in Thame and one in Wendover. Both shops focus on artisan chocolates and feature coffee and cake as well.

The company's first website was launched several years ago, and had already gained considerable attention and online sales. However, customers had been using it for years as a convenient way to check opening hours and to see what products were in stock. The site was recently updated with fresh photography and a search engine optimisation (SEO) campaign. The business received a Restart Grant which funded its SEO and website development for six months, enabling Rumsey's to maximise sales during the Christmas season.

The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop

The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop is a successful chocolate manufacturing and retail operation with three stores in Auckland, Hamilton, and Sylvia Park. It is also about to open the country's first Chocolate Cafe. Stu Jordan was previously a fix-it man for Noel Leeming and Logitech, but decided to turn redundancy into a successful business. Jordan set up a chocolate factory in Glen Innes to supply quality home-brand Kako to The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop. Currently, sales of his Kako brand account for 42 per cent of The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop's total sales, but Jordan is aiming for fifty per cent of the business in the near future.

Social media is a major marketing driver for The Sweetest Little Chocolate Shop. The business has a solid database of customers and a thriving e-commerce online presence. Customers receive loyalty cards, which they use to engage with the brand. Through social media, the shop drives its customers to its Facebook Page and develops relationships. It has a 3.5-star rating on Google Places.

The Profit

If you're a chocolatier, you know that opportunities are everywhere, and they're often the best way to attract customers. But did you know that there's a new B2B opportunity for chocolate makers? The increasing demand for high-quality products hasn't reached just consumers, though. Other professionals are looking to up their game by sourcing better materials. Your business could tap into this opportunity by raising the standards of finished products.