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Exam strategy

A solid civil service exam strategy includes an understanding of the syllabus. These exams are known for their rigorous curriculum, and it is essential to have a thorough knowledge of it. Whether you are preparing for the civil service examination or for an executive position, it is helpful to have a copy of the syllabus handy. The syllabus will help you determine what topics to focus on in the exam and encourage you to cover each segment completely. The Civil Service Commission is a bureaucratic mess, which is why a good understanding of the curriculum is a key component of preparation.

It is crucial to have a general understanding of world events, as well as the latest happenings in India. This means reading newspapers, regional languages, and magazines regularly. You will also be able to answer questions with greater depth and logical reasoning. While studying for the exam, it is also helpful to take mock tests online. The practice tests will help you assess how well you are doing and which sections you need to spend extra time on.

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A good exam strategy includes revisiting the material you have covered. Taking notes based on theme-based information is helpful if you need to do last-minute revision. Using flow charts, mind maps, and other creative methods will help you organize your notes. The most important part of breaking the UPSC exam is coaching. It is essential that you choose a coaching partner that provides the best lectures and assessment opportunities. A good coaching partner will help you learn the material and build confidence for the exam.

Developing a systematic time management strategy is another important part of your Civil Examinations Academy exam strategy. Since the Civil Service exam is spread out over a year, time management is crucial for successful exam preparation. Aspirants are typically working full-time or going to school, it is important to schedule time outside of their daily routine. And if you're unable to allocate adequate time to study, you'll end up with an "F" on the exam - a miserable outcome for months of hard work.


If you have opted for Civil Examinations Academy Prelims SEO, you're well on your way to scoring the best marks in the exam. You'll need a few things to prepare for the exam. For starters, you'll need to read newspapers on a daily basis and try as many mock papers as possible. Of course, joining a coaching program is also important, though it's more beneficial for the Mains.

The Civil Services examination comprises two papers - the Prelims and the Mains. Ideally, you should take a course that prepares you for both papers if you have more than a year until the exam. The subjects covered in both papers are similar but different. The Prelims exam is a multiple-choice test, while the Mains exam includes essay-type questions. The exam's format is also different.


The two-year training course for the Civil Services Preliminary Examination is designed for young aspirants to prepare for the mains examination. Students will learn two modules of the exam over the course of two years. English communication skills will be taught to the young students, and men of eminence will interact with them. Admissions begin in May, classes begin in June, and the program ends in March. Admissions are limited to 500 students.

The RCA offers free coaching and residential facilities to students. The center also offers special facilities to scheduled caste, tribal, and minority students. Its recent batch of students is about 40 and will appear in the mains exams of the various states in the coming days. The mains examination took place from January 7 to 16 and the personality test will be held on April 5.

The Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination consists of two 200-mark papers, General Studies Paper I and General Studies Paper II. The marks obtained in seven of the papers count towards the final merit list, but the rest two papers will be worthless if a candidate does not get the required minimum marks. Civil Services Exam question papers are of the conventional essay format. Moreover, Civil Examinations Academy has special training classes for those candidates who have studied abroad and have no prior experience in these subjects.

The civil services exam is highly competitive, with nearly one million candidates taking it every year. Its preparation strategy is heavily influenced by the right guidance. While the availability of study materials, videos, and online portals is an additional benefit, not everyone can afford to pay tuition fees. Fortunately, there are some excellent options for studying for the civil services exam. It's essential to research the options available to you, and to choose the right one for you.


Among the top institutes for civil services exam coaching, Shankar IAS Academy is one of the most sought after. The institute has helped more than 1000 aspirants become bureaucrats, while guiding thousands of others to achieve their potential. The institute focuses on providing focused training, a competitive environment, and access to all resources necessary to crack the civil services exam. Listed below are the benefits of joining the academy.

Upcoming aspirants should be aware of the fact that the civil services examination is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. In order to crack this examination, aspirants need to put in the required effort and be persistent. Apart from preparing for the exam, aspirants should stay updated on world affairs, read periodicals to improve their knowledge, and practice on model question papers. Whether to opt for a coaching or not is a personal choice, and many aspirants have cracked the exam without any assistance.

The institute provides free residential facilities and coaching to its students. In addition to this, the institute offers free training to minorities. Furthermore, it offers separate facilities for men and women. Additionally, the institute offers comprehensive coaching for all three stages of the civil services examination, ensuring that aspirants are well prepared for the exam. It is worth mentioning that the institute has won several awards for its excellent training. And, it is run by the University Grants Commission.

CACS is the best IAS coaching center in Chennai. Under the leadership of exemplary leaders, CACS aspires to create a better India. It inspires its students to lead righteous lives and embrace their nation's traditions and knowledge. It provides students with the fundamentals of Indian knowledge and values. And, thanks to its state-of-the-art technology, it even powers a press release for CACS.


There are two ways to pay for your exam at the Civil Examinations Academy. You can submit your application online, by mail, or by telephone. To apply, you must pay a non-refundable $20 application processing fee for civil service exams and $25 for uniformed services exams. These fees can be paid online or in person; the amount of the application processing fee will be posted on the announcement describing the exam. It is also necessary to include a $30 check or money order with your application.

You can apply online or through your school. If you choose to apply online, you can find the application form on the website and click on the "Apply Now" button next to the relevant examination announcement. For other application categories, you can visit the website of the Civil Examinations Academy and choose the category of payment as "Caution Deposit."

Applicants should check the application process online or at the Academy's office in Room 1001 City Hall. The Academy also offers free sessions by Dr.Alexander Jacob IPS. Students can also join live discussions about current events moderated by a civil servant. The civil service also reserves the right to accept applications after the filing period has expired. Applicants may have to submit fingerprints on the day of the appointment. They must pay the fee for fingerprinting.

Moreover, the Academy offers free coaching to civil services exam aspirants from all backgrounds and communities. This includes women, minority candidates, and scheduled castes and tribes. It also provides free accommodation and classroom teaching. Applicants must take a written test and interview to qualify. The admissions process for the academy will begin in September 2021. There are several private institutions that offer free coaching for aspirants, although the criteria for admission to the government-led/funded institutions are different. The fees are usually lower than the fees of a government-run or funded institute.