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Index-linked pricing has surpassed negotiated quarterly fixed price

In a fast-rising market, index-linked pricing may exceed benchmark sales. In 2016, index-linked pricing could have saved coal suppliers more than $1.40 billion in opportunity costs. The price of coal is largely determined by spot market prices; only 25 to 30 percent of the global 289 million tonne seaborne market was negotiated quarterly fixed price contracts. Long-term contract sales, however, are more flexible and may be based on the index monthly averages.

Premium sellers are settling deals using quarterly benchmark prices, but they are selling their cargoes at a slight discount. In addition, producers average to the premium coal index monthly. Since 2011, the benchmark price of coal for the first three quarters of 2016 has only exceeded index-linked pricing five times. Despite this, the market is more volatile than ever. In Q3 alone, spot prices rose more than doubled from the beginning of the quarter to the end.

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While spot prices of coal varied, the trend for the first quarter of 2020 was in a downward direction, with a gradual decline in coal prices due to the global economic slowdown and the Chinese containment of the pandemic. Despite the price drop, thermal coal with six thousand kcal/kg FOB prices fell sharply, reaching their lowest levels since early 2016. But, since the end of the year, the trend has reversed and prices are back to where they were a year ago.

A report by China's top economic planning agency outlined a plan to scrap the annual coal contract system. The move is likely to be a major step towards further liberalization of China's thermal coal market. It could lead to a surge in imports of coal and free up the electricity market from government tariffs. In the meantime, it could lead to a higher spot price, a reduction in the value of coal, and a decrease in supply.

Application for the coal regions exchange programme closed on 30 June 2021

Coal regions in the EU, Western Balkans and Ukraine have been invited to participate in the programme, which aims to accelerate local energy transitions. Through direct dialogues and connections with coal regions, the participants will learn from each other and share best practices. In addition, the participants will receive support in the form of financial support to develop pilot projects. Once selected, the participants will be paired up for the next round of the programme.

In order to apply for the coal regions exchange programme, coal producing regions must have coal reserves that are available and sustainable for their local economy. The application deadline is 30 June 2021. The first three exchanges will begin in April 2022 with the first visits in June-July 2022. The remaining three exchanges will be detailed planned in the second half of 2022. Long-term exchanges will feature reciprocal visits and medium-term exchanges will involve one visit to a target region.


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