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The Chief Justice appoints the Commissioner for Oaths. A Commissioner for Oaths is not entitled to charge fees, but must demonstrate a need in his or her jurisdiction. This position usually lasts two to five years and requires a person to be on the electoral roll. They must have a thorough knowledge of the role of an oath commissioner, as well as an ability to read notes. They are required to provide proof of identity.

The salary of an Oath Commissioner depends on the experience and expertise the Commissioner has. If they are an expert in their field, they can charge reasonable fees to certify documents. It is imperative to keep a diary of their fees. The Courts may also issue guidelines for Oath Commissioners. They can also receive a fee from other agencies. A good Commissioner for Oaths should also be knowledgeable about laws and regulations.

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Appointed by the registrar of a High Court or State Government, Commissioners for Oaths perform an essential function for the state. They attest to everyday documents and give them legal sanctity. They also perform translations as required. If you're planning to take the oath of office in your jurisdiction, an oath commissioner is a good choice.

Appointed for a limited time, an oath commissioner must attend the court premises for the entire commission period. The place where the commissioner will reside is determined by the Bar Association of the complex in which the commission is held. If the commission is not convenient for the commissioner, other oath commissioners may be available. Oath commissioners may require assistance from other commissioners, but they are required to adhere to dress codes and adhere to courthouse rules during office hours.