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You may have seen PowerDecal and Seo Dong Special Decal Corp. in Shark Tank. Both of these decal suppliers are legitimate, but which one should you choose? In this article, we'll examine PowerDecal LLC and Seo Dong Special Decal Corp., and compare their quality with the industry standard. Also, we'll look at the future shipping activity of these two companies. We'll discuss why each is better than the next.

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PowerDecal is a decal supplier on the Shark Tank

On the third episode of the third season of Shark Tank, Daymond John and George Podd discuss a decal supplier called PowerDecal. The company produces peel-off stickers with solar power. They also claim to have sold decals to the likes of Dicks Sporting Goods, Best Buy, and all major sports leagues. Their initial product, the Light Film, didn't have a power cord and didn't function in sunlight, but later versions had wireless capabilities. The Light Film decals have been credited with being the first backlit window sticker.

Before appearing on the Shark Tank, Light Film LLC had not yet distributed any products to its clients. After the Shark Tank appearance, it had rebranded itself as 'Powerdecal' and landed licensing deals with over 200 top colleges and sports confederations. The company has since developed light decals featuring various sports themes, and their product has gained massive traction with most professional sports leagues. The company has produced customized decals for NFL, NBA, and MLB teams.

On the Shark Tank, George Podd and Rolf Schwartz of Light Film were asking for $100,000 for a 5% stake in the company. George Podd wants to get his money back so he can live. However, the Power Decal Business isn't necessarily the best card to play at this time. Despite George Podd's good intentions, John picks up on his intentions right away, and he counters with 51% of the company, which makes him look confused.

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Although it's not clear if Daymond John is involved with the company, it has been one of the most successful tales from the show. The company is a decal supplier with licensing deals with major sports leagues and colleges, and it offers custom-made decals for different types of vehicles. Its decals come in various themes and colors. Even better, PowerDecal is a decal supplier on the Shark Tank.

While PowerDecal is a decal supplier that appeared on Shark Tank, it has a different purpose. During the day, it is simply a sticker that lights up when you touch it. At night, it comes alive with LED lights. It is available in various retail stores, including Best Buy and various gift outlets worldwide. Its company is called Powerdecal LLC Holdings and comprises three executives and two employees. The company has a capital of $400000. The decal supplier combines different technologies - Twitter for websites, Facebook SDK, and Cloudflare CDN - to improve their product.

Although PowerDecal has been a decal supplier on Shark Tank, their product is ready for licensing deals. They will become a huge success. In the meantime, they are on the brink of licensing deals with Hollywood and Disney. The future looks bright for PowerDecal and its customers. The team's products are sure to make a splash. So, what are you waiting for? Get your decals now!

PowerDecal LLC

One of the most innovative car window decals is the Powerdecal, a peel off sticker that lights up from a solar energy source. Developed by George Podd and Rolf Schwartz, the Powerdecal is solar powered, and includes a motion sensor that turns on and off. This feature makes it ideal for cars that need to be visible at night without the need for expensive lights.

The company is based in Lincolnwood, IL and is part of the Automotive Repair and Maintenance Industry. There are two employees across all locations, and the total sales for the company amount to $261,395 per year. These sales figures are based on modelled sales data, and the contact information for the principals is estimated. The company is currently looking for licensing deals with other companies. It is a promising prospect.

Before appearing on Shark Tank, Light Film LLC had never distributed a product before, so it rebranded to 'Powerdecal'. The company went on to secure licensing deals with more than 200 prestigious colleges and federations. It also created light decals featuring various themes. Eventually, Powerdecal gained traction with most of the major sports leagues and produced customized decals for the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

Seo Dong Special Decal Corp.

Seo Dong Speicial Decal Corp. is located in Paju, Gyeonggi, Republic Of Korea. They are in the Converted Paper Product Manufacturing industry. This company has 4 employees at this location. Note that these are principal and contact counts and may differ from actual counts. If you have an interest in Seodong Special Decal Co., we recommend that you research the company using Volza. You can easily track their business using Volza.