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In this article, we look at the efforts being made to make the Dept of City Treasure SEO available to other sectors. We have partnered with four K-12 schools so far, and have begun working with the ESCOs to reach other sectors as well. We will discuss how this work will help these other sectors, and the goals of each of them. Let's dive in! Until then, keep reading to learn more about this program!

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SEO is currently working with four K-12 schools

Department of City Treasure SEO is currently working with four public and private K-12 schools in the Greater Cleveland area. This project involves enhancing the school website's overall search engine optimization strategy. SEO works with schools on several levels, including site design, content creation, and social media marketing. In addition to helping students with SEO, the department works with schools on their enhanced learning programs. A checklist of on-page SEO is available to help evaluate the program's page. In addition, blogs can provide useful content for students and parents, as well as provide information on activities and facilities. Creating content with keywords and long-tail keywords is also a key component in attracting traffic to a school's website.

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The process starts with an Energy Service Agreement (ESA), which is a contract between a state governmental unit and an ESCO. The project is guaranteed to save a certain amount of money annually for the governmental unit. The project is verified through post-implementation summary reports. The SEO team also provides technical assistance and guidance to local governmental units throughout the GESC process, including contract development, approval, and construction phases. During this process, SEO staff conducts reviews to ensure that all governmental units are following the guidelines. These reviews may include recommendations to the Council of State, as well as other aspects of the project.

SEO is working with the ESCOs to make sure all sectors are served

The Department of City Treasure (DCT) is working with the ESCOs to develop new infrastructure in the region, focusing on school projects, public facilities, and other local infrastructure needs. Currently, SEO is working with four K-12 schools that are completing construction, and two more that are in the IGA phase. These projects will go before the LGC for approval in the coming years. SEO primarily conducts its work in Tier 1 and Tier 2 counties.

The DOE has established standards for certified energy service providers (ESCOs), including the use of prequalified third-party ESCOs. The State of North Carolina's Administrative Code contains requirements for governmental units to select ESCOs that meet the strict guidelines. The ESCO will then work with the governmental unit to design a package of energy-efficient mechanical and electrical (ECM) systems and install them. It will then provide a measure of the energy savings each year and a guarantee dollar amount. The savings from the project will be used to repay the utility budget, which will eventually pay for the loan.