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The Union Diamond website could have been one of a million websites on the Internet. Its prominence may have gone down if it was unable to compete with newly emerging companies. SEO technique has changed this situation. Union Diamond has become one of the largest merchants of diamond jewelry. By using SEO technique, the company has increased its profits by attracting more online traffic. Union Diamond has a professional and knowledgeable team to help you with your online presence.

Scott Anderson, the founder of Union Diamond, needed to increase visibility of his website. eBrandz SEO specialists worked with the company to improve website visibility and obtain top Yahoo rankings for 77 keywords. Union Diamond has now been ranked among the top nine Yahoo sites in the US for several keywords. Ultimately, this helps the company increase web traffic and sales. The company can now take advantage of the latest SEO trends to improve their web presence.

Union Diamond is an online diamond jeweler that carries fine diamonds straight from the cutting factories. It was named "Best of the Web" by Forbes magazine in the luxury retail category. Their inventory of 40,000 finely cut diamonds range in price from $300 to $500,000, and some diamonds even exceed $1 million. Customers can browse the site's online catalogs to select their preferred diamonds. It is a privately held company with a flagship store in Atlanta's Vinings district.

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In addition to promoting its products, Union Diamond SEO is also essential for their online presence. During the last few years, the Union Diamond website has achieved excellent results in organic search rankings and increased traffic significantly. With the help of SEO, they can maintain their uniqueness and the highest profits in the world. This was not possible without SEO techniques. The company's success is directly proportional to their marketing efforts. If Union Diamond hadn't adapted SEO strategies, they would have become another jeweler.


Union Diamond needed a well-optimized website that was easy to navigate. The company turned to eBrandz SEO, a professional SEO firm founded by Milind Modi in 2003. Its mission is to help its clients increase web traffic and sales. The company's services have helped Union Diamond to achieve top rankings in Yahoo for 77 keywords. Read on to find out what eBrandz can do for your website.

eBrandz is a global search engine optimization firm that has offices in four major cities. With over 250 marketing experts, eBrandz has handled Search Marketing campaigns for clients from over 40 countries. Its services are affordable and result-oriented, and its technical team is based in India. You'll be able to save money by working with eBrandz because its prices are five to ten times lower than competitors in the US.

Milind has over six years of experience in marketing technology and strategy. As the founder of eBrandz, he has successfully grown the company to over 250 employees. He speaks at a number of conferences and is a frequent speaker at SEMPO events. He has also conducted a SEO workshop at the Digital Marketing Institute. Milind holds a Bachelor's degree in computer science from Mumbai University and is also a graduate of GNIIT.

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If you were to search for "diamond jewelry" on Google and you had no idea what a diamond is, you would be met with millions of options. With so many options, your site would end up as just one of the million results, and it could lose its prominence to other, newly emerging companies. Union Diamond has a few key differences that make it a good candidate for a Diamond SEO website. First, its dynamic web pages are very hard for search engines to access. Second, it lacks relevant content about diamond jewelry and diamond types. In other words, it needs a short description of what each type of jewelry consists of.

Union Diamond is a company specializing in purchasing diamonds. It was entrusted to us to design and implement its visual identity for their website. We were delighted to help them get the best possible ranking for diamond jewelry! Union Diamond is a good example of a website with a great deal of diamond content and SEO. You can read the rest of this article to learn more. The content is a major part of the success of Union Diamond.

A diamond SEO website must be unique, and Union Diamond's website is definitely one of them. Using SEO techniques, Union Diamond has been able to achieve top nine rankings on Yahoo for 77 keywords. This is the result of a strong SEO strategy. And this strategy has worked wonders for the company's overall marketing strategy. If it had not been for SEO, Union Diamond might have become just another jeweler in the world.

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Without an effective SEO strategy, Union Diamond's website would be just another one among a million others. Moreover, it may lose its prominence among newly evolving companies. Thanks to an SEO technique, the business of Union Diamond has changed drastically. With the help of expert artisans and designer jewelry, the business has grown immensely. Union Diamond has become one of the largest diamond jewelry merchants in the world. To improve its SEO, the company should make some important changes to its website.

eBrandz helped the company by creating landing pages for major products and HTML pages that search engines can access. They also asked the Union Diamond staff for information on what their products contain. The resulting HTML pages helped Union Diamond achieve top rankings on Google, Yahoo and MSN for 77 keywords. Moreover, the SEO campaign increased sales and web traffic. This improved visibility helped Union Diamond to win over many competitors. Here are some of the results of the SEO strategy for Union Diamond:

An effective SEO strategy is the most effective way to drive website traffic. SEO involves making a website better for search engines to read and index it. By doing this, it is likely to rank higher in the search engine results. SEO for diamonds and jewelry companies is complex, and requires a comprehensive understanding of the industry's geographic and social target markets. Once that is determined, a content generation strategy should be developed to target the specific products and brands of the audience.

Union Diamond is a diamond jewelry merchant based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company began selling high-quality diamonds to jewelry manufacturers across the world. In 2002, it opened its first flagship showroom, where its website remained the company's main hub. Since then, the company has established itself as one of the world's premier providers of exquisite diamond jewelry. Its website is now available online for customers to shop online. Forbes Magazine has named Union Diamond one of the best on the web.