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There are several factors that should be considered for a Duty Free Store to attract more consumers. These factors include the following: Shopping value, Individualization, Price sensitivity, and Subjective norms. In this article, I will examine each factor and explain their significance. The following tips will help you create an effective Duty Free Store SEO strategy. Here are some ways to start:

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Shopping value

The perceived behavioral control (PBC) of duty-free shop users is related to self-confidence and beliefs about the target behavior. Both PBC and behavioral intention have a positive relationship. Various studies suggest that consumers are likely to upgrade their purchase levels and pursue individualization based on the perceived PBC. These findings suggest that consumers have ample opportunities and resources to increase their shopping value. Therefore, duty-free stores should focus on these factors to encourage more consumer behavior.

The present survey incorporates the measurement items of previous studies to explore the relationship between shopping value and consumer disposition. To examine the relationship between the two variables, shoppers who visit duty-free shops were selected. All items of the questionnaire were answered using a Likert 7-point scale. The measurement variables are listed in Table 1.

The hedonic and utilitarian values of shopping differ among consumers. Price sensitivity and compulsive buying are two of the most important factors affecting the hedonic value of the purchases. People who are more sensitive to price are more likely to seek out cheaper goods in duty-free stores. Price sensitivity is also the most important factor when considering the impact of price on shopping behavior. Therefore, comparing the price sensitivity of shoppers in duty-free stores and in conventional stores may help determine which factors affect consumers in these environments.

To further improve the shopping experience at duty-free shops, consumers must increase their attitude towards the product. This means improving the fun factor and satisfaction of hedonic shopping value. Strategic promotional activities are one way to improve the attitude of duty-free shop users. Promotions should emphasize the hedonic and emotional aspects of the product. There are several ways to improve the shopping value of duty-free shops. You can implement these methods to improve the overall shopping experience for your customers.

Subjective norms

In this research, we examined the role of subjective norms in online duty free shop users' behavior. We developed a technology acceptance model and grafted it onto the decomposed theory of planned behavior to study the effect of attitude on behavioral intention. The key variables for the study included perceived compatibility, perceived usefulness, and desire. We categorized individual belief variables as internal and external influences, and examined how their effect on behavioral intention affected consumers' subjective norms.

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We can further explore the role of attitude in duty free store SEO by considering how people view the convenience of a duty-free store. Attitude is the most important socio-psychological variable, and it is not easily changed. Therefore, it is important to identify the attitudes of duty-free store users and tailor their marketing strategy to reflect their values. The term "subjective norm" refers to the opinions of a reference group, which may include friends and family members. Consequently, if individuals consider the opinion of a member of a reference group to be positive, then this is a positive indicator of their willingness to shop for duty-free products.

In addition to this, we can also identify how the presence of a duty-free store influences users' attitudes and behavioral intentions. Our attitude and behavioral intention are influenced by the presence of certain norms that we adopt as members of our reference group. The presence of these norms can either reinforce or diminish the desire to shop at our online duty-free store. As a result, the more favorable our attitude, the more likely we will be inclined to use the online duty-free store in the future.

Price sensitivity

In today's competitive online market, price sensitivity is an important factor to consider in a Duty Free Store SEO strategy. Having an assortment of goods at a low price can increase the chances of generating more traffic, but offering a high-quality product at a lower price may not. In addition, the combination of price sensitivity and user behavior opens up the door to more advanced strategies. Regardless of your industry, price is one of the most important influencing factors, and it is critical to get the price right if you want to be successful in online advertising. You cannot use bidding strategies to compensate for sub-optimal pricing, and a high-quality product at an acceptable price will not help you achieve that.


One way to boost search engine optimization for duty-free stores is to offer diverse product offerings. Unlike in the traditional retail market, duty-free shop users often purchase products based on their subjective value rather than on price or quality. Therefore, you must provide a diverse range of goods, including a wide range of price points. Also, consider introducing promotions to lure price-sensitive customers to your duty-free shop.

Aside from making the store look more appealing, it should provide shoppers with useful information. Offer sales information and inform them of remaining amounts of items. Provide information about sales time periods. Moreover, create an environment that enchants the consumer's subconscious mind. This way, you can increase your sales and revenue. In addition to that, make sure that your duty-free store is easy to navigate. To make your customers feel comfortable, use attractive graphics and colors to increase traffic to your store.

To further understand the impact of individualization on a Duty-Free Store's search engine optimization, you must understand consumer attitudes toward these stores. While previous studies have investigated the influence of certain demographic characteristics on purchase decisions, the present study aimed to identify the relationship between attitudes towards the store and the shopping value. The study included a representative sample of shoppers who used duty-free shops in the past year. All survey items were answered using a Likert 7-point scale.