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Research conducted by the Faculty of Sports SEO at Local University and its affiliates has been recognized for its groundbreaking results. Professor Will Scott's research has been recognized by multiple top paper awards. This article explores his work and the research process used to produce it. To learn more, click on the links below. Then, check out some of his published work. You might be surprised to learn that his research has been recognized by top publications in prestigious journals.

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Search Influence is a national online marketing firm with a focus on small and medium businesses. They build white label marketing products for publishers and media partners. Founded in 2004, Search Influence is the largest online marketing company in the Gulf Coast and was the only one to make the Inc. 500 list in the city of New Orleans in 2011.

Will Scott, founder of Local U, is an acknowledged expert in digital marketing. He first coined the phrase "barnacle SEO" and is a regular presenter at industry conferences. He also serves as a full-time faculty member at Local U. He has a background in architecture and is naturally curious. He is a member of the Certified Contractors Network, Certified Sports SEO, and a frequent speaker at industry events.

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Will Scott is a professor of SEO at Local U

Will Scott is a full-time faculty member at Local U and a recognized leader in the world of digital marketing. He coined the term "barnacle SEO" and has been an active contributor to several online journals. His expertise is widely recognized and he has been a frequent speaker at various conferences, including PubCon and SMX. He earned his degree from Tulane University and is naturally curious.