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The Title X National Program for Family Planning was first passed by President Nixon in 1970 and is the only federal program that specifically funds family planning and preventive health services. The program currently funds health care services and education and does not pay for abortion. To find a Title X clinic near you, use the OPA's clinic locator. To find a Title X clinic near you, enter your zip code in the search box on the OPA's website.

There are over 2,700 Title X family planning clinics in the U.S., including Washington, D.C., eight U.S. territories, and free-standing states. In addition to family planning services, these facilities provide HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis, screening for breast and cervical cancer, mental health screening, and screenings for substance abuse and intimate partner violence. A free online clinic locator makes it easy to find a clinic near you.

A Title X provider can provide services to women of any age. In fact, a Title X clinic in New York City serves three quarters of the local community's women aged 18-34. In New York City alone, this group has a greater proportion of uninsured women than the general population. In addition, many members of Congress are considering legislation that would defund the Title X program. But many Congressional leaders believe that defunding the Title X program would wreak havoc on access to health care.

The project limited the data collection and analysis of Title X family planning clinics to a specific demographic of female patients in 1991. The mailing list included 75 Title X clinics, and only women who received family planning services in 1991 were included in the study. Informational and counseling services were not included in the survey, and clinics that received funding from multiple sources were not asked to differentiate patients by their source of payment. Furthermore, the grantees were asked to provide information at the highest aggregation level, which is typically the state level.

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Many health centers offer family planning services for free or at reduced rates to people living below the federal poverty level. The Title X program is administered by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' Office of Population Affairs. Title X family planning clinics are federally funded and provide a comprehensive array of contraceptive methods. Furthermore, these clinics often offer the ability to start contraception on the same day as an appointment.

If you are looking for a Title X family planning clinic near you, the Family Planning Clinic Locator can help you locate one. This website can list the locations of family planning clinics within a 50-mile radius. In addition to this, the database can also include mobile clinics and telehealth services. It also provides contact information for Title X clinics. So, find one near you and start improving your health today.

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Erie County Family Planning Center is a free clinic that accepts most major insurance plans. You can apply for this program on-site. You can also use your federal and state Medicaid benefits. You can learn more about the program's eligibility requirements and how to apply. Visit the Erie County Family Planning Center SEO to get started. Here are some helpful tips. The clinic's website contains an online survey you can fill out to see how many people visited it recently.