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How ZAG Optimized the Farm Bureau SEO Site

The Farm Bureau website is mobile-friendly, ADA-compliant, and optimized for search engines. The website features elements that define content space, relay key features and benefits, and use relevant photography and engaging icons to make connections with customers. ZAG designed and implemented a conversion-focused landing page layout that is both visually appealing and highly optimized for SEO. Its streamlined and user-friendly design has helped the company achieve top-tier search engine rankings, including Google and Yahoo.

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Delaware Farm Bureau

In order to promote specialty crops to consumers, the Delaware Farm Bureau launched a 24-week digital campaign. This program, which spanned two years, increased consumers' awareness about the benefits of locally grown specialty crops and encouraged them to purchase more of them. Delaware Farm Bureau worked with iHeartMedia to develop eye-catching visuals and shared them on social media. The campaign also included a weekly survey, which offered consumers the chance to win a $100 gift card.

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Using Facebook Ads to promote agriculture, the Delaware Farm Bureau has made a number of changes to its website. Since the site is so vast, a company may want to consider a bespoke approach for its advertising campaign. A Facebook advertisement, for instance, can reach hundreds of thousands of consumers in just a few hours. Using these ads can also help to engage members in conversations about their local food and farming practices. By combining social media with email marketing, the Farm Bureau is able to reach an audience that is more likely to become a member.


When it comes to digital marketing, a farm bank can't be left behind. Farm Bureau Bank, an institution that offers unique financial solutions to members of the National Association of State Farm Bureaus, recently redesigned its website to provide a more modern experience. The bank chose ZAG, a web development agency that has extensive experience with financial institutions, to revamp their website. ZAG's creative team took into account best practices for financial institutions and the organization's specific needs to ensure a positive user experience for their customers.