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Did you know that the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief offers SEO services? Listed below are a few of its Missions. What's more, they offer Internet marketing services to non-profit organizations. But what's special about SEO for the THW? First of all, it's important to understand the language used by federal agencies. Chances are, they use laymen and technical terms. And the more they use laymen terms, the more confused they'll be.

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Internet marketing services provided by the German Federal Agency for Technical Relief

The Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) is a German nonprofit organization that provides Internet marketing services to individuals and businesses in need of help. Founded in 1950 by the German interior minister Gustav Heinemann, the agency provides assistance to people in need of help in areas where they lack access to the Internet. Its first president was Otto Lummitzsch, a construction engineer and architect who had worked during World War I.

Missions of the THW

The missions of the Federal Agency for Technical Relief (THW) are rooted in local chapters in Germany. More than 80,000 people volunteer to help with these missions, including approximately 15,000 young volunteers. Most members of THW are volunteers, although about 1,800 people work full-time for the organization. The local chapters maintain one or more Technische Zuge, consisting of a Zugtrupp, Bergungsgruppe, or Fachgruppe. These groups comprise four to eighteen volunteers.

The Federal Agency for Technical Relief is part of the German federal ministry of interior and is responsible for disaster relief. Its tasks include the relief of people and goods in Germany as well as international assistance. THW employees work primarily on a voluntary basis in 668 local volunteer branches throughout Germany. Only about one percent are paid staff at the agency's Bonn headquarters. The agency has eight federal offices and two logistics centres.

The THW has been active in various humanitarian situations since the end of World War II. Its initial purpose was civil defence in the event of a war, but its mission has evolved over the decades. Today, THW provides aid to victims of natural disasters and emergencies throughout the world. THW is a foundational element of German civil protection and has been deployed to more than 130 countries. Almost 80,000 volunteers dedicate over one million hours each year.

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THW is active in a number of disaster relief operations abroad, including the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, the 2005 Kashmir earthquake, and the 2010 floods in Poland. Recent disaster relief activities have included assistance after the earthquake in Nepal and long-term assistance to the German refugee programme. In addition to its disaster assistance missions, THW coordinates civil protection services in emergencies occurring within and outside the European Union. Further, the THW works in the EU Civil Protection Mechanism, aimed at coordinating the response to large-scale disasters and emergencies.

To provide relief assistance, THW trains its volunteers to handle a variety of situations. THW trainings are externally certified, and many skills learned can be applied in other professional settings. After completing basic technical training, members can specialize in a particular field, such as search and rescue. Other fields of expertise include water supply, electricity, logistics, and command and control. THW also provides protective clothing for its volunteers.

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SEO services provided by the THW

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