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How Time Out Fostering Increases Its Visibility on Search Engines

Time Out Fostering uses an effective digital marketing strategy that adapts to current news events. In addition to using social media, the service also uses email marketing to engage prospective foster carers and remain top-of-mind for current foster carers. In addition to social media, the service uses email marketing to create content that is relevant to the subscribers' interests. In this way, the content can be shared with the recipients of the emails. Time Out Fostering also has a website and blog.

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Time Out Fostering's digital marketing strategy

Time Out Fostering's digital marketing strategy is flexible enough to respond to changing news situations. The organisation uses email marketing to engage

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prospective foster carers and to stay in the forefront of current foster carers' minds. Email marketing also allows for the distribution of content to a wide audience. As a result, Time Out Fostering has increased its visibility on search engines and has earned a high brand awareness among foster carers.