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If you're in the market for a furnished apartment, you should start preparing for the search engines by optimizing your website for relevant keywords. You should target phrases that will draw qualified renters to your business. Here are some ideas. Focus on local keywords. The more specific your keywords are, the more people you'll attract to your listing. To be found online, you need to be highly visible on local search results.

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Create a Meet the Team Page

If you are looking to attract new clients, creating a Meet the Team page for your business is an excellent idea. A "meet the team" page can give your business a friendly face, and prospective clients will know exactly who they're dealing with. By including photos of members of your team, you'll give potential employees a better idea of who they're dealing with. You can also feature their picture, name, job title, and a brief bio. This information will help build trust among your clients and increase sales.

A good example of a great team page is Stink Studios' website. The team is shown in lively portraits set against solid backgrounds. The team members' portraits link to modals that offer more information. The page is colorful and full of personality. It also contains job postings, which are an important aspect of a meet the team page. Once the visitor clicks on a modal, they'll be able to learn more about the apartment-living experience and get an idea of how the team works.

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Another example of a Meet the Team page is Drexler's. This property management site highlights team members with a clean marquee. It uses a scrolling pattern to present team members' portraits. By presenting team members' pictures in an organized manner, Drexler has captured the attention of potential renters. The Meet the Team page also allows you to filter your team by function, such as finance, sales, and marketing.

Focus on local keywords

If you want to attract the right audience for your furnished apartments business, focus on local keywords. People search for apartments by city or metro. If you use hyperlocal keywords, your page is more likely to get more clicks and traffic from those searching for furnished apartments in your area. Facebook and other social media sites have also jumped on the local content bandwagon. Listed below are tips on how to do local SEO.

Use ad groups to target a specific property or community. Using ad groups lets you gather a variety of keywords under a common theme. You can target renters who have specific questions or have unique interests. For example, if your property allows pets, you should highlight the fact in your ads. It can make a difference if potential renters don't know whether their prospective apartment is pet friendly or not.

To improve your rankings, focus on local keywords related to your service or product. You can start by brainstorming about the products and services your company offers. Using tools such as Google Keyword Planner, Moz Keyword Explorer, or Ubersuggest, you can identify keywords related to your business. Once you've gathered a list of core local keywords, match those to the pages on your website. Split the keywords if necessary into separate pages.

The key to local SEO for furnished apartments is to focus on keyword research related to your area. This helps you target relevant local keywords that will make you appear in a local area-based search. Local keywords help your website rank in local search results. It is important to target these keywords in your SEO to generate more local leads. However, local search can be difficult to track and analyze, but the payoff can be great.

Once you've identified the best keywords for your furnished apartment website, you should then optimize your content for local search intent. People searching online are likely looking for general information or specific websites, or they may just be doing research. When optimizing your website content for local keywords, it is crucial to ensure that people are looking for the type of service you offer. You can use keyword research tools such as Google's Keyword Planner to find out which terms are commonly used by people looking for furnished apartments in your area.

To rank high on local searches, you should use NAP information to improve visibility in local searches. Make sure you place this information prominently on each page of your website. If your website has a branded name, it will stand out and appear in the SERP for the keyword phrase in your location. Also, you should make sure to use the location keyword phrase in all your meta descriptions and images. These meta-tags aren't ranking factors, but they are an opportunity to advertise in search results.