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The Benefits of SEO for the Geological Service of Sweden

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an essential element of any online marketing strategy. The Geological Service of Sweden (GEOSS) is no exception. In fact, their website ranks highly for terms related to science, technology and engineering. To reach their audience, these organizations have created a suite of web-based tools that include geospatial data, a website, a blog, and an online store. Listed below are some of the services and tools that make SEO so beneficial to the Geological Service.

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Geological Survey of Sweden

The Geological Survey of Sweden (SEO) is the national archive for drill cores from Swedish mines. The organisation performs sampling and field mapping across Sweden's exploration districts. In addition to drill core logging, the SEO performed sampling and field mapping in the Olserum-Djupedal district in 2015 and 2016. The geoscience agency focused on the geological framework of the district, the timing of mineralisation, and the relationship between rock type and mineralisation.

Swedish Geological Survey

The Geological Survey of Sweden was established in 1858 and is a national central government agency responsible for investigating geology in Sweden. Its division of marine geology has been mapping the Swedish seas since the 1970's and focuses on both natural and anthropogenic substances. The Swedish Geological Survey has a number of resources available to support their mission to discover the secrets of the sea. These resources include a fleet of vessels and an operational capacity to work at sea.

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Swedish IEGS

The Swedish IEGS Geological Survey is the central government agency responsible for the study of geology in Sweden. Its Division of Marine Geology has been mapping Swedish seas since the 1970s, focusing on anthropogenic and natural substances. The Swedish IEGS Geological Service has a capable equipage for operations at sea. It also has the capacity to conduct submarine investigations. In addition, its divisions have geological data centers throughout Sweden.