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Advantages of Off-Page SEO for Glass Manufacturers

If you want your website to rank high in the search engine results, off-page SEO is a necessity. Off-page SEO helps your website to obtain better search ranking because it is directly related to your Domain Rating. Basically, off-page SEO is the process of finding high-quality websites that will link back to you. In this way, your website will be listed in the most prominent places on the web. Here are some of the advantages of off-page SEO:

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Bruening Glass

The Bruening Glass Works Inc is a small company in Cleveland, Ohio. They are in the Glass Product Manufacturing industry and have six employees. They generate $565,619 in sales. These sales figures have been modeled and may differ from actual information on D&B Hoovers. For this company, SEO can be an effective way to increase their web traffic. Their website has increased their business by at least 33% every year since they implemented SEO.

Tako Glass

Bizualized managed the marketing channels for Tako Glass, combining meaningful channels with aggressive SEO strategies. The dynamic strategy used several marketing channels at once to trigger rapid growth. Bizualized provided the company with a comprehensive SEO audit, a detailed roadmap for rapid growth, and the tools and processes to further optimize business processes. Ultimately, Tako Glass increased sales of its magnum opus pieces - sold for upwards of $5,000 each - and improved their ranking across Google and brand awareness throughout the industry.

Bizualized developed a robust SEO strategy for Tako Glass, focusing on the most important channels. By using multiple online platforms, Tako Glass saw a 75% growth in sales over the previous year. In addition, Bizualized was able to maintain a strong connection with clients and the artists while allowing the company to take advantage of the latest technological developments. The results have been impressive, as the company now dominates industry-specific searches.

Anthony Volk Glass

Looking for a local Pennsylvania auto glass manufacturer that has great online reputation? Try using search engine optimization to promote your business. Anthony Volk Glass has been in business for three generations and has been a family-run business. Their website and online reputation have improved by three to five times since they started working with SearchActions. They even have a blog, and their conversion rate is three to five times higher than the average industry website.

The company's website has increased in traffic from 300 monthly visitors to 7,500 per month, not just for local users but for users worldwide. This increase in traffic indirectly raises the website's search rank and keyword authority. With more exposure, Anthony Volk Glass has seen more traffic than ever before. This has translated into a larger volume of business, which is what you'd want. But what's even better is that this increase is organic, and will only continue to grow in the future.


Bizualized helped Tako Glass, a leading artist and blown glass manufacturer, scale their business through a variety of online channels. The company was having problems managing its online presence, and Bizualized created a strong SEO strategy for them that focused on the most important channels. Through this, Tako Glass was able to grow their business exponentially within a year. Bizualized was instrumental in this, and their SEO strategy resulted in a major increase in sales and brand awareness.

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In addition to organic search, Bizualized's SEO strategy focused on the most important channels. Combined with the company's online presence, the SEO efforts helped Tako Glass expand and become a global leader in its industry. With Bizualized's support, the company is enjoying powerful year-over-year growth and a substantial return on investment. Similarly, Bizualized's approach helped Deko Gecko grow and gain market share.

Social media has become a vital part of digital marketing and SEO. A bizualized glass manufacturer should be active on most popular social media platforms. Not only does this help to increase brand recognition and organic search results, but social media also allows glass businesses to share their blog posts with the public and obtain backlinks. Moreover, social media allows glass manufacturers to reach tens of thousands of organic leads. By incorporating all of these elements into their website, Bizualized can reach thousands of organic leads.