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For several years, Cascade Hardwood struggled with SEO. Their SEO efforts were limited by their five separate websites, each with different names, reducing the overall SEO rankings. To overcome this issue, the company hired an agency to rank their multiple locations. As a result, the company ranked #1 for terms like "alder mill", "scribner scale," "hardwood", and "book."

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If you're in the market for hardwood SEO, you're not alone. The company is an SEO specialist with more than a decade of experience in the industry. The company's team includes Gregory Sumsion and Jordan Herring, each of whom has a different area of expertise. These two professionals work together to get websites to the top of search engine results and increase page views, ultimately growing business. And while BizMilk may not be your first choice for hardwood SEO, they're certainly worth checking out.

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Rather than spending money on a single, large-scale SEO campaign, Cascade Hardwood developed five different websites. These sites used various names and reduced overall SEO rankings. Cascade Hardwood contacted a marketing agency to help them optimize multiple locations for various keywords. As a result, they ranked for key phrases such as "alder mill," "scribner scale," and "hardwood book."