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Are you interested in learning more about technical SEO? There are many different techniques, some simple, some not so much. Here are a few that can help you get started. If you are not sure how to implement them on your own, try one of the sites mentioned below. If you're curious, you can try an online course. You can also try a site auditing tool such as Ubersuggest. You can also take advantage of Heights Platform's SEO-focused training courses.

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Technical aspects

One of the main SEO strategies is the use of technical aspects to improve your site's visibility. In this guide, we will cover some of the key points in technical SEO. Technical SEO is the base level of optimization and forms the foundation for other SEO strategies. Read on to learn more. Let's start with an example. The client's website did not have any internal links or keyword-rich anchor text. The content was very good, but it did not link to important product pages.

Technical aspects of SEO

The most important elements of SEO are internal linking, indexing, usability, and website architecture. Successful SEO is the result of extensive knowledge of the various search engines and continuous effort to get it right. Some common mistakes in SEO can lead to a drop in rankings. For instance, if your site's canonical tag does not correctly indicate the main content, duplicate content could occur. Another common error is that your URL parameters are not configured properly, resulting in duplicate content and wasted crawl budget.

Fortunately, the most common mistakes in SEO are easily remedied. One of the most common mistakes in technical SEO is relying on poorly constructed sites without keyword-rich anchor text. A proper sitemap will help search engines index the content of your site. Most web design companies will prepare sitemaps for you. If not, you could be losing valuable search traffic to your site! So, how do you make your website crawl-friendly?

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While content is the backbone of SEO, technical factors of a website are just as important. If a site's code is too complex, crawlers won't crawl it or duplicate content is a problem, then the site will fail to be found. Technical aspects of Height Works SEO are the foundation of a good SEO strategy. Without these fundamentals, great content will never have the opportunity to reach the top of the search engine results.

Taking care of the technical aspects of your website can be difficult, especially if you have no experience with SEO. There are too many variables. One small mistake can negatively affect your site's ranking. To avoid this, it's crucial to seek out an SEO consultant with a background in website development and optimization. They will help you create a website that works for your business. There are many ways to improve your site's technical aspects and make it more user-friendly.


Brian Dean, the founder of Backlinko, developed a technique known as the Skyscraper Technique. Despite its name, this technique doesn't rely on great content alone to gain quality links. To achieve this, Brian discussed the importance of finding link-worthy content, making it better, and reaching out to the right people. Read on to learn more about this technique. Using it will help your business stay ahead of your competition and achieve success in search engine rankings.