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To measure the dynamic behavior of a heritage building, a laser scanning system is needed. The research group of Dr. Seo has obtained data from the FARO S+150 scanner, which can be used to create the HBMIM model. In addition to a laser scanning system, a high-level measurement technology and a camera capable of capturing dynamic behaviour are needed for this purpose. HELIGUY and IMETRUM have committed to provide free technical support for field tests and the use of a drone to obtain three-dimensional images of heritage buildings.

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Laser scanning system

Using a 3D laser scanning system for heritage buildings can increase physical tourism and engage sponsors. Using the same technology, Leica Geosystems provides surveyors with tools for analyzing point cloud data. Their software integrates with CAD systems, provides collaboration tools, and makes point cloud data easy to access. Leica TruView allows users to edit point cloud data and create reference datasets. Leica Geosystems is the most trusted name in 3D laser scanning.

The technology is still relatively new, but recent advances in software algorithms, accuracy, and speed have made it an increasingly viable solution in engineering settings. The technology has also been used in tunnels, where long, narrow tunnels are difficult for surveyors to reach. The laser scanning system can quickly capture and analyze the entire cross-section of a tunnel in 200 minutes, compared to 400 minutes for the total station method. As it becomes cheaper and more advanced, its application will only increase. The biggest drawback is the enormous amount of data generated by this technology.

The proposed framework includes a phased reverse engineering process for preserving heritage buildings. It should consider the scanning capacity of cultural heritage buildings and how to convert scan data from atypical members into BIM. The study also discusses practical implications for the future of this technology. For example, the proposed framework would enable conservationists to create and share 3D models and data with stakeholders. It would also streamline the process of creating and maintaining a digital archive.

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This system is also effective for basic inventory and diagnostic surveys. Its measurement accuracy for existing buildings is greater than one millimeter. The RMSE value, or root mean square error, should not exceed the project's requirements. Furthermore, accuracy should also be within EN 1990, which is the basis for structural design. For the most accurate results, the EN 1990 value should remain at 95% CI. It is important to ensure that laser scanning data is a reliable source of information.

Internet marketing

The first step in developing an Internet marketing strategy for a heritage building is recognizing the growing digital visitor. The museum itself is a digital space, either an explicitly defined place on a website or accidentally mentioned in a third-party portal. The digital visitor is the tourist who has migrated from the brick-and-mortar world to the digital realm, where they can enjoy online activities such as surfing, texting and socializing. Seeing the digital visitor as a valuable resource will unleash further innovations and strengthen heritage institutions in their efforts to expand their online market.

Once a basic website was enough, the digital space has exploded with tools and tactics that can be utilized to expand the brand and business's online presence. However, as time has gone on, the Internet has become an integral part of consumers' lives. This means that internet marketing strategies must change accordingly to stay ahead of the curve. For a heritage building, social media marketing has become an extremely cost-effective and affordable alternative to traditional advertising.

Accurate reporting

An essential aspect of any SEO campaign is accurate reporting for your Heritage Building website. SEO reports will include keyword growth and optimized pages. Clients often want to see a difference in organic keyword traffic. Having accurate reporting for your Heritage Building website can help you monitor your efforts and make improvements in future. There are many other elements to a good SEO report, including keyword traffic growth. Here are some of the key factors to consider.