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It is critical for your Honda dealership to be highly visible in Google searches. Research shows that 83% of vehicle consumers begin their research online. That means that your sales process begins long before a potential customer walks into the dealership. In order to be seen by potential customers, your dealership must be prominently featured on Google searches for Hondas. This can only be done if your website is well optimized for the search engines. Here are some tips for maximizing your visibility on Google:

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Customer Scout INC

One of the best ways to increase market share for your Honda dealership is through effective SEO. Customers often use the internet to research car models and dealerships, and you need to make sure that your website is prominent among these search results. Customer Scout Inc provides superior services to help dealerships get the results they want from their website. Not only do they provide SEO for the Honda website, but they also offer off-site marketing services.

The staff at Customer Scout is incredibly diverse and skilled. They all hold a passion for what they do and are highly trained in their respective fields. Because Customer Scout specializes in the automotive industry, their employees understand the industry well. With these professionals on staff, your Honda dealership will get the best results. Customers can find you online through the service's unique strategy and high-quality content. The benefits of SEO services for Honda dealerships are endless, so contact Customer Scout today to see how it can help your dealership's web traffic.

Customer Scout takes a customized approach to each of their clients. They start by identifying their specific goals and creating a plan for success. Their employees are highly knowledgeable about the automotive industry, and they will provide advice tailored to your dealership's needs. Their goal is to generate quality inbound links, which are vital to increasing search engine rankings. It's no surprise that Customer Scout is a top choice for automotive SEO.

The SEO services provided by Customer Scout INC help dealerships attract new customers and increase their sales. Customer Scout is committed to improving their services and updating them regularly to maximize their effectiveness. Their services can help your dealership increase online traffic and gain credibility in the automotive industry. Customer Scout's service offers a variety of marketing strategies, including loyalty programs, to increase sales. If you're looking for a Honda dealership SEO expert, don't hesitate to contact Customer Scout.

Being Seen 360

A Chicago-area Honda dealer hired Being Seen 360 to increase organic search engine ranking on Google. The results were spectacular. Zimmerman Honda improved its visibility by 80% and Lujack Honda's by 30%. Their secondary competitive sites fell below 10%. They surpassed all of their larger competitors on Bing and Yahoo. The resulting organic Google ranking was impressive and helped the dealership expand exponentially. Read on to learn how Being Seen 360 helped Zimmerman Honda.

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It is crucial for Honda dealerships to increase their online traffic and win over new customers. Consumers often use the Internet to research different dealerships and models. They may use search engines to compare dealerships, so it is vital to be seen online by your potential customers. Being Seen 360 helps you reach your goals by distributing your marketing information across your target audience. Its specialized platform showcases Honda's vehicles in the most attractive way.

The average vehicle buyer spends at least 69% of the purchase decision online. People who use search to find a new vehicle are more likely to buy it if they see a 360-degree spin display. 73% of consumers rated 360-degree spin displays helpful. Snap360 also comes with a free app that provides advanced reporting. It shows customer interactions, engagement and leads. That means a higher revenue stream.

Zimmerman Honda

The goal of the Zimmerman Honda Dealer SEO project was to increase the dealership's organic Google ranking in Chicago, IL. In addition to improving the overall visibility of the dealership, Being Seen 360 focused on specific sub-markets within the Quad City area, targeting the dealership's strengths and weaknesses. The end result: an increased visibility rating on Google of more than 70%. This impressive ranking came after less than a year of SEO work by Zimmerman Honda.

It's crucial to provide high-quality content that catches the attention of a targeted audience. For example, it's important to provide information about the dealership's services and products. This way, visitors can get a sense of what to expect. In addition, a strong website can increase traffic and boost sales. And as long as the site is easy to navigate, prospective buyers will enjoy their experience. And, in the end, they will be more likely to purchase a new vehicle from Zimmerman Honda.

Lujack Honda

Being Seen 360 has provided SEO services for both Zimmerman Honda and Lujack Honda in Chicago, IL. With a visibility rating over 30% on Google and 80% on Yahoo, Zimmerman and Lujack Honda have become highly visible. The visibility of the secondary competition websites dropped below 10%. As a result, the two dealerships have gained significant visibility and a strong foothold in their communities. With this SEO campaign, they were able to outrank their primary competition and dominate secondary markets, including Google.

Being Seen 360 focused on increasing organic Google ranking for Zimmerman Honda in Chicago, IL. They also targeted certain sub-markets within the dealer's Quad City market, focusing on the dealership's strengths and weaknesses. Their strategy helped Lujack Honda increase organic Google rankings for several keywords. The results have been impressive, with more than 80% of searches coming from Chicago. Increasing organic search engine rankings for Zimmerman Honda is the key to growing business.


If you're looking to improve your accessibility on your website, consider using AccessiBe for Honda Dealer SEO. The AI-powered accessibility technology provider has partnered with DealerOn to offer a free platform that helps businesses improve and remediate their web accessibility. Using their platform, dealerships can implement ADA and WCAG standards and seamlessly integrate the solution. AccessiBe's website accessibility audit tool allows dealerships to quickly identify accessibility issues and remediate them automatically.