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Effective Human Resource Consulting SEO Techniques

One effective human resources consulting SEO technique is to create a call-only advertisement. This works well when your client list is small and you can easily make your advertisement appear at the top of search results. You can also use customer testimonial videos to ease the doubts of skeptic prospects. Moreover, you can show video testimonials of your team members and build personality with them. Having human faces on your website can convince prospective clients that you are a trustworthy firm.

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Content marketing

When it comes to HR content marketing, you need to be sure you don't copy the work of your competitors. Not only does this look unprofessional, but it also hurts your company's brand reputation. A strong talent brand reduces the amount of time and money spent on hiring new employees. Rob Gold, Talent Partner at Knotch, explains that content makes your brand more attractive to qualified applicants, who are more likely to accept your offer. Listed below are several ways you can implement content marketing to promote your brand.

First, create content that highlights the people in your company. Whether it's highlighting employee perks or company culture, content marketing can help you attract the best candidates. By creating content that highlights employee experiences and perks, you can engage your team and reduce employee turnover. In fact, 75% of candidates perform research before applying for a job. That's why content marketing is so important for HR professionals. Ultimately, your HR firm can improve its bottom line and boost your brand image at the same time.

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While traditional marketing aims to sell products directly, content marketing focuses on building brand awareness and positive visibility. Content marketing is more effective when integrating it with other marketing strategies. If you want your website to rank in the search engines, you need to create content that appeals to your audience. Content marketing can help your website get noticed by both search engines and customers. The benefit of content marketing is that it's free. By putting your content on the web, you can easily attract new customers and improve your overall brand image.

XML Sitemap

Creating an XML Sitemap for your Human Resources consulting website is an effective way to rank higher in search engine results. This format helps Google crawl and index your entire site, including its internal links and all the pages on it. The purpose of creating an XML Sitemap is to tell Google which pages are important to your site. You should update your sitemap frequently, or use a CMS that updates it automatically. Google may also consider the rate at which you update your sitemap and the lastmod tag of each page when determining the importance of the content on your site.

A sitemap serves as the table of contents of your website, giving crawlers the information they need to index your website. It also tells crawlers when specific pages were updated, and how deep your content is. These are just a few benefits of creating an XML Sitemap for your Human Resource Consulting website. If you're ready to get ranked high on Google, consider using an XML Sitemap to enhance your SEO efforts.

An XML Sitemap should be broken down by type. For example, images and videos should be separated from other types of content. You can audit your XML Sitemap with the help of Google Search Console and Sitebulb. You can also break down your XML Sitemap by page type or page template. Some of your content may be divided into separate XML Sitemaps for specific SEO pages and knowledge databases.


The RLSA campaign begins once a user has visited your website. It builds a remarketing list when they make a purchase or complete a transaction. You can choose to activate this campaign if you had at least 1,000 visitors in the past 30 days. You can also target certain pages depending on what people search for. To make the most of RLSA, you should make sure to optimize your website for the specific keywords you are targeting.

RLSA campaigns are also effective at targeting both new and returning visitors. Using RLSA will help you increase the size of your return visitor audience. However, it will cost more per click because you are targeting a new audience. Additionally, this type of campaign will increase competition for ad placement and require a higher bid. If you are running a limited budget, targeting and bid will be your best bet.

RLSA helps HR firms boost their bids for specific keywords in order to get top ads when remarketing to past prospects. Search ads target prospects who already know your product or service, while display ads are targeted to all types of searches. Both types of campaigns require creativity and a focus on the right audience. For more information, read our article on RLSA. The benefits of RLSA Human Resource Consulting SEO.

Website speed test

Your website's speed is vital in attracting visitors and converting them into customers. In an age where no one wants to wait for more than a few seconds, your site should be loading as quickly as possible. A website speed test can help you find out if your site is performing well or not. It is also a good idea to run a speed test on several different browsers, both desktop and mobile. Once you know how fast your website is, you can optimise it accordingly and improve its performance.

To use a free website speed test, try Google's PageSpeed Insights. This tool benchmarks websites and grades them on a scale of one to 100. A higher number means your website loads faster. The free version of Pingdom includes a single test from up to 10 locations. You can also configure the tool to run the test from a mobile device or a desktop computer. It lets you select screen resolution and four browsers for the tests.

Once you've found a good website speed test tool, prioritize which pages and features need improvement. Focus on pages that determine the success or failure of your conversions. Then work your way down from there. If your website is too slow, you'll end up losing potential customers. Try implementing strategies to increase your speed and make your visitors happy. You'll be glad you did. If you're unsure what to do, consider hiring a web speed tester.

Customer testimonial videos

Human Resource Consulting SEO strategies can be enhanced by using video testimonials to attract new clients. Although a call-only ad is useful, a customer testimonial video will help ease the doubts of skeptical prospects. Videos featuring your team members can be equally helpful for boosting your firm's online reputation. A friendly face can also help develop personality and demonstrate employee personability. And the best part is that customer testimonial videos are free to post on any website.

Backlinko, one of the biggest SEO websites, has a video testimonial featuring one of its founders. It focuses on customers who are happy with the service. It emphasizes its ease-of-use and includes on-screen text. BambooHR, on the other hand, includes an attractive picture of Angie, a real customer. She has been a client of BambooHR for a few years and raves about the company's customer service and software.

If you're looking for a simple testimonial video for your company's website, help Scout is a good choice. It allows you to invite as many customers as you like to post on its website. In addition to video testimonials, you can include text testimonials, too. With these, you can use video testimonials to make your brand more appealing to your target audience. There are free trials of both tools for 15 days.

Outbound prospecting

One way to increase your lead generation is to learn about the company's inbound marketing strategy. If your business has a stellar SEO strategy and is focused on B2B enterprise clients, inbound marketing will be your best bet. While outbound marketing and cold calling may be less effective, your sales development representatives can find new leads and convert them into customers by following up with cold emails. Creating an ICP is a valuable way to learn about companies and the types of prospects who will respond to your outbound marketing efforts.

When sending outbound emails to prospects, make sure you personalize them. Prospecting emails that don't have personalization will often fail to convert. Too much information or too few specifics can make them unresponsive. Another mistake is overloading your prospect with follow-up items. This puts too much of the responsibility on your prospect. Instead, focus on targeting specific industry demographics with tailored emails. Use social media to reach target accounts and share relevant content.

Inbound sales is much more effective than outbound marketing, because it is highly targeted and results-oriented. Prospects who are interested in hiring an SEO company will search for the service you offer, and they will have many options. While outbound marketing is more effective at generating leads, it can be extremely difficult if you're not dedicated to it. If you're a human resource consultant, putting in a good amount of time and effort will pay off.