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How to optimize your Ice Skating Club's website for search engine optimization? The first step is to understand demand and occupancy patterns for your Ice Skating Club. If you have a hard time getting new customers, don't despair. You can use data from MBS to improve your ice rink's online presence. While MBS doesn't handle reservations, its data may correlate your ice rink's occupancy patterns with its customer volume.

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Ice Skating Club demand and occupancy patterns

How can an ice skating club optimize demand and occupancy patterns? The answer is simple: use data to predict customer arrival patterns. But how do you determine what time of day is the most popular? What factors influence demand? And can variable pricing help your ice skating club achieve its goals? Read on to learn more. Here are some tips:

In quadrant 1, the ice rink would likely be the most profitable, with the lowest cost per hourly revenue. This means that the demand for ice time is highest during peak periods, and the lowest demand periods are the off-peak hours. A pricing structure that allows a customer to pay only when he or she wants to skate would be ideal. That way, the ice rink would be full without overcrowding.

Ice Skating Club pricing

If you're looking for the best deal possible, consider joining an Ice Skating Club. It's possible to skate for as little as $10 per hour, and there's no limit to the number of times you can go. However, if you spend more than five hours skating per week, it's worth it to purchase a monthly skating pass. With the reduced rate per hour, you'll save money each month.

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There are several membership levels available, depending on your level of commitment and budget. The basic skills membership is for beginners, and will only cost you $30 a year. If you're a parent, however, you'll be able to participate in the club's governance and vote for the right to participate in competitive skating. For parents of younger skaters, an introductory membership is available at a significantly reduced rate, and it includes all of the benefits of a full competitive membership. The introductory membership also includes the privilege of voting in club elections, and members under eighteen years of age must have their parents or guardians join as a Second Family Member. This also becomes a voting member of the SSC.

All club members use coupons to participate in ice sessions, and all members can practice on their own for half or one full session of ice. Junior Club members who reach the basic six level of LTS USA competency are also issued a full session coupon. Skaters below basic six level are not permitted to skate on their own during freestyle sessions in the club. This means that club membership is more cost-effective for the average skater than it would be to join a private club, or sign up for a supervised group.