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After you have installed the importer, you must map the fields from the CSV to the WordPress database. Every post has keys for custom fields and you must match these with the corresponding value in the CSV. Once the mapping is complete, click the Auto-detect button to generate a unique identifier and update the data for all pages and posts in WordPress. Your SEO metadata will be imported within a few minutes. Here's how you do it:

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Rank Math

One of the most important things to set up in Rank Math for importer SEO is the Google Search Console. The tool integrates with Google Search Console to automatically submit sitemaps to the search engines. A sitemap tells search engines how your website is structured, what content to crawl, and what pages are most important. Once you've set up Google Search Console, you can easily import your data from Rank Math.

Rank Math for importer SEO has a handy feature that lets you export and import settings easily. Getting started is simple and straightforward. First, select the import file that you'd like to import. This will open a file selection dialog box. Navigate to the path where you saved the exported file. Click on the Choose for Upload button. If "No file selected" appears, click the Import button. The import process will begin.

You can also backup and export your settings with the Import-Export feature in Rank Math. The Import-Export settings are useful when you want to experiment with different SEO settings. To export your settings, go to the Import-Export section of the Rank Math WordPress menu. There, select Status & Tools, and then click on Advanced Mode. You can then import or export your settings into other plugins.

Another feature of Rank Math is its ability to import Yoast SEO sites. Yoast SEO is a popular SEO plugin. It also works with Rank Math. Once installed, Rank Math will automatically detect your SEO plugins and offer to migrate them. Once the migration is complete, you can configure your site by turning off unneeded settings or switching on the capitalization of titles. You can also check your weekly rankings by signing up for the paid version of the tool.

Rank Math for importer SEO allows you to export all your website's data to a CSV file. The tool has a number of premium options. Premium plans start at $59 for unlimited individual sites and track 500 keyword phrases. You can also choose between the free plan and the company plan, which costs $199 per year for unlimited sites. This option includes a number of useful SEO tests. It has 24 hour customer support, secure code, and privacy protection. You can also use the Rank Math API to automatically index your content, and it works with Google's indexing API. The plugin also features instant indexing, which makes your content instantly indexed on Google's SERPs.


If you're interested in importing your link profile data from other sources, LinkAssistant can help. This importer tool helps you identify potential link prospects, analyze their profile data, and reach out to them with link exchange proposals. Once you've imported your link profile data, you can easily apply the links to your site in a few clicks. The LinkAssistant importer also has a Site Analysis feature, which shows you your site's SEO settings in comparison to your competitors'.

Link Assistant helps you with all aspects of link building, from finding prospects to contacting them. It offers many options, including guest posting, forums, commenting on topical blogs, and competitor backlinks. Once you've identified your niche and chosen the keywords, LinkAssistant will make recommendations on which links you should aim for. After the initial research, you can configure your final settings and connect your Google Ads account for automated backlinks.

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Among its features, Link Assistant is particularly useful for off-page strategy. It also offers full SEO JSON+LD support. And for off-page strategies, Link Assistant helps with both internal linking and external link profiles. Its Headline Analyzer feature analyzes page/post headlines and suggests higher quality links. The software also supports several cloud-based SEO tools, including Google's own Analytics.

SEO SpyGlass

SEO SpyGlass is an SEO tool that lets you import link data from as many websites as you like. It also does so at double the speed of most hosted SEO tools. In addition, this software allows you to scan up to 200 domains at once, which is an impressive number. But despite this, it can't tell you how effective your SEO campaign is. Here are some things you should keep in mind before you buy this tool:

First, SEO SpyGlass allows you to import data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, Search Console, and other SEO tools. You can even import your own backlink data from a CSV file. Once you have imported your data, you can use it to evaluate your competitors' backlink profile and optimize your own strategy accordingly. Importing backlinks is a time-consuming process, but it's well worth the effort to get a comprehensive overview of your competitors' link profile.

SEO SpyGlass is also an SEO tool for analyzing backlinks from any data source. You can analyze any data source to determine which links are gaining traffic. Then, export shortlisted links and import them to LinkAssistant for further analysis. Then, import these links into LinkAssistant to boost your SEO strategy. If you want to export link data from many websites, SEO SpyGlass has a module for that.

The most important feature of SEO SpyGlass is the ability to see backlinks in real time. Whether you want to analyze your competitors or just gain backlinks, SEO SpyGlass is the tool you need. Its feature-rich backlink analysis is designed to help you understand how to increase your SEO. Once you've analyzed your competitors' backlink profiles, you'll be able to run campaigns to fill the gaps. It also allows you to import lists of your own priority backlink prospects and niche competitors.

SEO SpyGlass comes with a feature called Potential Linking Domains. This feature lets you see which domains may have potential link-building opportunities for your website. Moreover, it's also a backlink checker tool, enabling you to analyze and clean up your link profiles. The backlink checker tool has the ability to compare backlinks and domains, so you can choose the best one for your website.


The keyword importer of SEOmonitor can import a CSV file or copy a list of keywords into the input box. Keywords must be sorted into groups. Those imported via a generic "All keywords" list will have to be manually assigned to a group, while those imported directly from a specific group will be automatically associated. This allows you to import data on a large scale in a short amount of time.

SEOmonitor is a great tool that breaks down keyword data to display revenue and conversions per keyword. It also provides three months of historical data from Google Search Console. It also separates brand and non-brand organic traffic to avoid false results. You can see which keywords bring brand-name visitors and which ones generate new traffic. The importer also makes it easy to download your competitor's data. For more information on SEOmonitor, download the free trial version.