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-Security: In the aftermath of the BJP's blasphemous remarks, parts of the Kashmir valley were closed on Friday. Mobile internet was snapped as a precautionary measure. The authorities deployed security forces in sensitive areas to ensure law and order. In Srinagar city, businesses were closed spontaneously. Authorities also prohibited Friday prayers in Srinagar's main mosque and in nearby remote mountain towns.

Mutton gravy

Mutton gravy is one of the most popular dishes in Kashmiri cuisine. It is known for its intense, flavorful gravies. This type of Kashmiri food is very popular in many parts of India. In this article, I'll go over the ingredients and how you can prepare this dish at home. In addition, I'll touch on how to serve the dish properly, and include some helpful SEO tips.

The first thing you should know about Kashmiri food is its origins. It was developed from the traditions of the people in the region of Kashmir in north-west India. The ancient Rigveda mentions meat-eating traditions, and the Nilamat Purana records that the people of Kashmir ate a lot of meat. This is why the term 'Mutton gravy' is so fitting.

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Mutton curry is another Kashmiri specialty. You'll probably recognize it as mutton curry if you've eaten it in a Kashmiri restaurant. The recipe includes spices such as turmeric, garlic, and ginger, and is typically cooked until the meat is tender. The spices should be seasoned well and cooked until the meat is tender. You can also add saffron, if you want, to give it an extra punch.

Yakhni Mutton is an excellent dish to order in a Kashmiri restaurant. It's mild and thin, and ideally served with steamed rice. Mutton Yakhni gravy is a yoghurt-based sauce with no red chilli powder or turmeric. If you'd like to try this dish, be sure to ask for it over pulao or jeera rice, as these two dishes pair well together.

Yakhni gravy

Yakhni is a common name for the yogurt-based gravies used to cook the main course of a Kashmiri feast. These preparations do not usually include red chilli or turmeric, and have their origins in Medieval Persia. This dish is also commonly prepared in Uzbekistan and Afghanistan. Yakhni preparations are now enjoyed throughout India, and it is particularly popular with Kashmiri customers.

The dish is prepared with fried bottle gourd and a yogurt-based gravy. Kashmiri Al Yakhni, also known as Kashmiri Lauki Yakhni, is a popular dish in pandit households throughout the region. The name "Yakhni" comes from two Persian words, lauki and yakhni. A typical Kashmiri meal is a multi-course feast known as the Wazwan, which includes 36 dishes and 15 meat preparations. The waza, or head chef, works all night to prepare the meal.

Yakhni is best served with steamed rice, but it can also be eaten with breads. In a Kashmiri restaurant, it's best to get the mutton that's free of any soft patches. In addition, a piping hot bowl of yakhni is perfect for a warm evening. Yakhni is one of the most popular dishes in Kashmir and is great with a range of dishes.

Mutton kabab

When you visit Kashmir, you should try the Mutton kabab. The mutton balls are stuffed with cheese and cooked in a gravy that is red in colour. There are other Kashmiri dishes, such as the lamb bhaji and the chicken tikka masala. You should not miss a chance to try any of them. Kashmiri cuisine is considered to be art and is prepared by a head chef, known as the vasta waza, who supervises a team of wazas. These chefs use copper utensils to cook the food and are said to have good effects on the heart and skin.

If you want to eat a different type of kebab, you should try the Sheekh kabab in Kashmir. This mutton dish is traditionally made from lamb mince, but you can substitute it with mutton or goat meat. It is very good and tastes great with yogurt and dips. This meal is best served with a side of cooked potato curry. In a Kashmiri Restaurant, you can even enjoy a lamb dish if you are looking for a delicious meal that is suited for everyone in your family.

Mutton tea

Mutton is a staple food in the cuisine of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. You will find over 30 different kinds of mutton dishes in the region. One of the most popular is aab gosht, which is minced mutton cooked in yoghurt and spices. It's an excellent dish to order when celebrating an important event, such as a wedding or an anniversary.

Despite being a meat-based cuisine, Kashmiri cuisine also offers a wide range of vegetarian dishes. A popular dish among vegetarians is Lyader Tschaman, a soft, yellow-colored curd. This dish is a traditional delicacy and is also a vegetarian choice. Mutton tea is also served as a dessert, and this beverage is often paired with a plate of saffron rice.

Mutton tea is also a popular choice in the region. It's made from mutton and is commonly served with roasted mutton. Kashmiri people also enjoy butter tea, which is made by adding butter to tea. It is traditionally served with rice, though the colder climates of Leh and Ladakh are a popular place to order it. Among the best things about Kashmiri food is its rich history.

Wazwan, also known as mutton tea, is a multi-course meal prepared by a waza, or a cook. This dish is an important part of Kashmiri culture and its preparation is an art. The traditional meal consists of 36 courses, with fifteen to thirty of them being meat-based. Beef is never used in non-vegetarian dishes and it is considered desecration to serve lentils and pulses at a Wazwan.