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LiDAR SEO - What is LiDAR?

You may have heard of LiDAR SEO or Trilumina, but what is LiDAR? You might also have heard of LeddarTech, which is a digital imaging technology. Both of these technologies are used in ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers).

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The LiDAR sensor has a broad range of applications in both online marketing and SEO, as it allows for more accurate data and a holistic view of a given area. These technologies allow businesses to get more information for less, reducing costs while ensuring higher quality results. In addition, they are becoming increasingly affordable, with some companies claiming that they'll sell more than 100 LiDAR sensors by 2020.

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One company that makes spinning lidar, Ouster, has made its technology affordable for university researchers. Ouster's solid-state chip technology allows it to pack lasers and electronics onto one single chip, while Velodyne's classic design required 16 to 128 lasers and sensors to make a single unit. This combination of performance and price is opening up a new market for LiDAR sensors, and Ouster's 32-laser sensor costs just $6,000, compared to over $12,000 for Velodyne's comparable sensor.