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If you own a Lighting Manufacturer company, you need to understand the power of search engine optimisation. There are many methods to succeed online, and these strategies can help your business gain visibility in search engines. Depending on the type of website you have, you could benefit from using different types of search engine optimization techniques. For example, you can use Strictly LED's SEO method. Strictly LED's is the UK's largest online low-energy lighting retailer. They carry virtually every type of lighting, including traditional and modern. Their LED products are among the latest on the market, and their SEO campaign recently signed Profit By Search to handle it. Profit By Search will ensure that Strictly LED's website features prime keywords across Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

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The SEO team at Pegasus Lighting isn't content with copying competitor product descriptions; they strive to provide more information, using their own format. Pegasus Lighting publishes three blog posts a week on topics related to lighting. They also answer frequently asked questions about the products they sell. The team drafts questions and pulls them from customers to publish them on their blog. The results of this process have been positive so far.

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Currently, Pegasus's website receives 75% of its traffic from natural search. Previously, this figure was even higher. It was on page one for certain phrases. For example, the page about under cabinet lighting fell from page one to several pages lower, even to page two. Johnson's SEO team decided to consult an SEO expert and asked colleagues to investigate the issue. Johnson suspects that the search engine penalized the pages that had high-quality content.

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Strictly LED's is a leading online retailer of decorative and low-energy lighting in the UK, stocking just about every type of lighting imaginable. As an online store, they offer the very latest LED lighting products at extremely competitive prices. Recently, they signed a deal with UK SEO company Profit By Search, who will handle their online marketing campaigns, featuring prime keywords across the major search engines.

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If you're looking to improve your online presence, consider working with an SEO company to help you rank for the best keywords on all of the major search engines. One company, Strictly LED's, is one example of a client who has recently partnered with Profit By Search to optimize its SEO campaign. Strictly LED's has a large selection of lighting products, including the latest LEDs. They have also recently signed on with Profit By Search to manage their marketing strategy and feature prime keywords across all of the major search engines.