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The website audit provided by Local Leap Marketing is a simple, step-by-step plan that identifies areas of strength and need. The audit identifies areas of potential customer loss and suggests solutions for improving SEO. Local Leap Marketing has experience working with more than 500 small businesses, so they understand the unique needs of small businesses. This means that their service is not limited to creating content, but includes maintenance and support for the website as well.

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The Wichita-based company, Quality Granite & Marble, offers the largest selection of hard stone surfaces in the region. They work closely with local new home builders, interior designers, and retail buyers. The company previously built its website on the Weebly platform, but needed help launching and optimizing it for search engine optimization. The Balefire team crafted and optimized content for the website with appropriate keywords and added more content over a period of months.

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Granite is a heavy, heat and scorch-resistant stone with a uniform speckled surface. The stone's color ranges from light to dark. Because granite is a natural stone, the color will vary from store display samples. Oily or colored foods should also be avoided when using marble. Because marble is expensive, it should be sealed once a year. Granite is also extremely durable and has many uses indoors.

Sudbury Granite & Marble LLC offers a warranty on stone products for one year from the date of original installation. Should a product prove to be defective, Sudbury Granite & Marble LLC will repair it or replace it at no additional cost. If a product is not covered by warranty, Sudbury Granite & Marble will make good faith efforts to match the stone with another stone of similar color, but cannot guarantee exact color match.

The cost of granite varies according to the quality. The price of marble can vary a lot from the same material in another area. If it is not locally available, you can purchase it at a nearby store. Granite is much more durable than marble, so the investment will pay off in the long run. Marble is more expensive to mine, transport, and install. However, granite is the preferred material for high-end properties.

For commercial clients, Eco Stoneworks specializes in natural stone countertops. This company has been in the business for over twenty years. It offers monthly specials on select products. The company also specializes in installing marble countertops, shower walls, and more. Granite Selection offers quality natural stone fabrication services and supplies in PA and NJ. These companies specialize in granite, marble, and quartz countertops for the home. These companies are also the largest supplier of natural stone in the region.

When it comes to kitchen countertops, granite and marble are among the best choices. Granite is a more durable option than marble, which is highly suited for high-traffic areas such as kitchen countertops. Marble counters are beautiful, but they are more susceptible to staining. It is also scratch-resistant, making it a good choice for kitchen countertops. They can also be cleaned easily and can be refinished.


Marble & Granite specializes in the distribution of a wide selection of hard stone surfaces for both new and existing homes. They work with new home builders, interior designers, and retail buyers. After building their own website on the Weebly platform, Quality Granite & Marble needed help optimizing the site for search engines. Balefire's SEO team mapped out a strategy that included optimizing the website content with relevant keywords and adding new content over several months. As a result, they saw their website traffic grow by 317% in one year without any coding or under-the-hood SEO tasks.