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Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center SEO

A medical diagnostic imaging center can achieve several goals with an effective SEO program. These goals may include increasing organic traffic, achieving page-one rankings on Google for high-value keywords, and increasing the number of referrals. These goals should be the main focus of any medical diagnostic imaging center's SEO efforts. To find the right medical diagnostic imaging center SEO program, read on for some useful tips. You can also benefit from a free website audit.

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SEO for medical diagnostic imaging center

To maximize online patient demand and brand awareness, American Health Imaging sought to improve its organic Google rankings and organic website traffic. They sought a medical-specific digital marketing partner with proven results in medical SEO. The SEO program implemented by AIS Media helped the company achieve page-one rankings for high-value keywords and drive 44% more organic website traffic. The SEO program also improved online patient request volume, with new patient appointment requests doubling since the program began.

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Increase in organic traffic

AIS Media's SEO program drove 328% page-1 rankings on Google and 44% increase in organic website traffic for American Health Imaging. The results were incredible, with high online patient requests and expansion into 18 imaging centers across the Southeast. The results of the program included AIS Media's blogging and organic search monitoring, as well as appropriate website modifications. With a consistent update of content, Google will be more likely to list your website on page one. Organic traffic will increase as a result.

Google page-1 rankings for high-value keywords

Boosting your Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center's search engine results with an SEO program can boost your business' online presence and increase patient demand. Obtaining page-1 organic Google rankings can help you attract new patients. AIS Media's SEO program helps you improve your site's visibility by driving organic website traffic. AIS Media's strategy included blog postings, monitoring organic search results and making website modifications.

Cost of SEO program for medical diagnostic imaging center

An effective SEO program can increase the visibility of your medical diagnostic imaging center on Google's page one. An AIS Media SEO program has helped American Health Imaging achieve page one organic Google rankings, drive 44% more organic website traffic, and increase patient requests. As a result, the imaging center's new patient appointment requests have surpassed all expectations. With a cost-effective program, your medical diagnostic imaging center will have a more visible online presence and grow its patient base.