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Looking to Buy PBN Backlinks?

But Not ALL links are going to help you rank...


--You Need Niche, Relevant, Trusted Backlinks.

Network Last Updated On:July 19, 2024

  • Hundreds of Web Hosts

    Each blog is hosted using unique IP Addresses at the C class level on major hosting providers, not cheap SEO hosting.

  • Niche Relevant

    Your backlinks are surrounded by hyper relevant content including embeds and authority links from top 1000 Alexa sites, and non-competing sources. Not just Wikipedia.

  • 100% Cloud Based

    Our Done For You service includes Nothing to download. You simply add the urls and keywords you want to improve.

  • Google Safe

    We randomly add other businesses into the network to mask any link profile patterns. For 10 years+ We have been managing blog networks to maximize rankings.

  • Map Embeds

    Posts will randomly build links which include map embeds for YOUR business. Huge Ranking Factor!

  • Powerful Domains

    We use only the highest quality domains for our network. Each one is individually selected for quality.

  • Social Post Citations

    We have discovered a method for posting embedded social signals citations on social media profiles that gives incredible rank gains.

  • Brand Boostings

    Not only will your keywords rank higher but your Brand Name will be given huge authority and linked very closely to your target keywords.

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A More Powerful PBN Built To Last

More Than Backlinks...It's Niche, Trusted PBN Backlinks

First we hand select blogs to post to based on your category. Then we combine a team of Virtual Assistants and software to create content, including embeds from trusted sources such as Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Google+ and dozens of others. Lastly we have 8 tiers of syndication, including integrations with BacklinksIndexer, CrowdSearch (for real organic traffic), SocialNetwork Signals, and branded IFTTT networks. Each blog post is relevant, trusted, topical, aged, quality, name brand hosted. This is How You build high authority links to Dominate The Search Engines. This isn't some outdated network that only looks at things like trust flow and domain authority.

A More Relevant Private Blog Network

Many Have Tried And Failed To Manage Private Blog Networks that handle link building, But PBN Backlinks is the #1 Results Based, Affordable Private Blog Network in Every Comparison Test Ever Conducted because we follow best practices. Higher Ranking, Long Term Ranking for your anchor text keywords. Just Look At The organic search Boost We Received in the search results After latest Algorithm update - Rewarding Us For Our High Quality Service.

Includes Free Keyword Tracking

Track Your Keyword Rank Movement Directly within your dashboard Included with your  Account so nothing else to Buy.  Similar Keyword Ranking Software Would Cost You Just As much for the price of this alone! Now you can track the rankings for your money sites. Add as many different websites as you'd like!

Keyword Rank is Highly Accurate!

Get Started Now and Rank Higher by Using Our Powerful Private Blog Network on 100% Autopilot

$97 / month
  • 1,000 Credits
  • Only .097 Cost per Credit
  • ✅ All Powerful Domains
  • ✅ Hyper Relevant SEO
  • ✅ 100% Unique Content
  • ✅ Includes Map Embeds
  • ✅ Social Post Citations
  • ✅ Brand Name Boosting
  • ✅ IFTTT Backlink Boosts
  • ✅ 100% Google Safe
  • ✅ Full Reports Available*
6 Slots Available

Unused Credits Carry Over Each Month

$497 / month
  • 6,000 Credits
  • Only .083 Cost per Credit
  • ✅ All Powerful Domains
  • ✅ Hyper Relevant SEO
  • ✅ 100% Unique Content
  • ✅ Includes Map Embeds
  • ✅ Social Post Citations
  • ✅ Brand Name Boosting
  • ✅ IFTTT Backlink Boosts
  • ✅ 100% Google Safe
  • ✅ Full Reports Available*

Unused Credits Carry Over Each Month

Credits1 post = 100 credits. 1 post may include multiple links such as website, map embeds, social profiles, and more.

*Reports are available on a per domain basis for a small amount of credits to mitigate potential malicious use.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconIs PBN illegal?

    PBBs are NOT illegal. Although they are not considered “white hat” they are perfectly safe to use by a trusted provider. Anyone saying that they are illegal is incorrectly promoting Google to an official enforcement agency (which it is not). There are no laws or regulations against creating, using, or buying PBN backlinks. Search engines would like you believe this fallacy because PBNs work so well at ranking websites higher.

  • q-iconHow Do I Buy Backlinks?

    Buying backlinks in of itself is not really difficult. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of sellers available chomping at the bit to see you their backlinks. However, the main problem with that is that all backlinks are not created equal. In fact, most PBN services are around less than 1 year and just post low quality blog posts with low quality anchor texts.  In the case of our service, PBN Backlinks, however, we have been servicing customers successfully for over 3 years.

  • q-iconHow do you make PBN Backlinks?

    Making PBN Backlinks is a very tedious process to do correctly. You would want to find a clean domain that doesn’t have any bad linking history. Then you would want to add SSL, a website theme, and original content. You would then want to power up these PBNs with social links and blog content links. The shortcut, of course, would be to simply purchase links from a trusted PBN service such as We keep our PBN private by only using PBN sites that are real and trusted with tons of organic traffic coming in from search engines directly into our long tail keyword blog posts. If you plan to use PBNs to create a  natural backlink profile it is critical to only use authority sites as your main link builder system.

  • q-iconWhat is a PBN Backlink?

    A PBN backlink is where you have a link to your website (the one you want to rank higher) placed on another blog site (The PBN). This process helps pass link juice from the PBN into your website, commonly referred to as a money site. The SEO industry learned about the power of this method and realized that by creating anchor text links as a link building strategy one could rank higher for their target keyword and thereby increase search traffic.

  • q-iconWhat is a Private Blog Network PBN?

    A PBN Private Blog Network is most commonly referred to as a PBN. This is the process of creating and using other websites to link back to your main (money) website in effort to rank it higher in search engines is an advanced seo strategy.  The search algorithm relies heavily on finding these backlinks which point back to other sites in order to determine how important that website is….and therefore rank it higher.

  • q-iconDo PBNs still work?

    Not all Private Blog Networks are created equally but a high authority network such as ours  will work more now than ever BUT you need to either create them properly or buy them from a reputable and trusted provider. Google and other search engine would like you to think that PBNs are dangerous and don’t work, but that is all in effort to prevent people from using them because they can (and do) work so well.

  • q-iconAre PBNs Blackhat?

    Technically anything that is done in effort to impact search rankings is considered “blackhat” in the “eyes” of Google. According to search engines you are only supposed to post content and let nature take its course. The real truth of this is that big brands are favored by Google and it’s a classic case of favoritism where the little guy is left behind. Thankfully, with methods like PBNs it is possible to actually compete and even outrank these big competitors.

  • q-iconWhat sort of PBN Links Are These?

    We make sure to only use the very best websites for our link building methods. These are high quality sites like you have never seen before. We aren’t just buying and using expired domains for a PBN site.  We are building links on top of PBN domains that we bought at auction sites. This is a great way to ensure you are getting the best PBN possible.